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White Papers: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software...

(Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)) 

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6 Ways Bill Quick Improved Business for David Knoble, CPA
Class:Time & Billing | Company:BQE Software Inc.
David Knoble, CPA experienced six direct, measurable benefits to our firm from the use of BillQuick.
Accounting Firm Increases Profitability with BillQuick
Class:Time & Billing | Company:BQE Software Inc.
Fox and Fiorino, P.A. increased revenue by 10%, increased cashflow by 15% and increased billable hours and reduced overhead costs
BillQuick Allowed us to Speed Invoicing and Save Over 150 Hours/Year
Class:Time & Billing | Company:BQE Software Inc.
Success Story
New Executive Dashboard
Class:Construction | Company:Foundation Software, Inc.
Ten minute online tour of FOUNDATION for Windows New Executive Dashboard for fast and easy job data analysis
Class:Time & Billing | Company:BQE Software Inc.
BillQuick 30-Day Free Trial
Jonas Document Management
Class:Construction | Company:Jonas Construction Software
The Electronic Filing Cabinet
30 Minute Recorded Demo: Accounting, Web Time & Expense For DCAA Compliance.
Class:Government Contractors | Company:PROCAS
The demo link is sent directly to the e-mail address that you provide. Web Timekeeping, Web Expense Reporting, Full Accounting Solution.
BillQuick - QuickBooks Integration
Class:Time & Billing | Company:BQE Software Inc.
Online Demo
How Electronic Document Management Streamlines Accounts Payable
Class:Document Management | Company:Treeno Software, Inc.
A document management system with integrated business process management saves time and money by automating repetitive labor intensive AP processes.
Compare QuickBooks to PROCAS Accounting Software for Government Contractors
Class:Government Contractors | Company:PROCAS
See how PROCAS handles the requirements for DCAA audit compliance in the system vs manual efforts with QuickBooks.
Bringing Web 2.0 to the Enterprise
Class:Manufacturing | Company:Epicor Software Corporation
Leveraging Social Computing Technologies for ERP Applications

White Papers Search Results:

7 Megatrends of Professional Services
Type:White Paper | Company:Epicor Software Corporation
Professional services firms must strive to understand the critical shifts that are driving their businesses today and in the future. In this white paper we will study the seven mega trends of professional services

Strategies to Run a Lean Supply Chain
Type:White Paper | Company:Epicor Software Corporation
The blurring of the line between manufacturing and supply chain logistics provides the opportunity to move efficient manufacturing management concepts to supply chain management. One manufacturing concept stands out as most successful: the concept of lean. This white paper describes lean manufacturing and how it can be applied to supply chain management.

Tuning ERP and the Supply Chain for Profitable Growth
Type:White Paper | Company:Epicor Software Corporation
The supply chain is, of course, the primary processing mechanism of every manufacturing company. But today, it is a multifaceted, multi-company, multinational structure that makes it the most complex management challenge found in any enterprise. Supply chain management (SCM), a critical part of any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, no longer means just making sure that the right materials and resources move to the right place at the right time. It also means ensuring that the sequences ...

Project Accounting Data Sheet
Type:White Paper | Company:CDC Software - Ross Enterprise
At Ross Systems, we recognize the complexity you face in addressing increasingly stringent corporate governance requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and Government Accounting Regulations. Designed by and for Life Sciences practitioners, Ross Systems’ Project Accounting software provides you with a centralized source for reported project information across the organization; create...

Contracts & Chargebacks Data Sheet
Type:White Paper | Company:CDC Software - Ross Enterprise
Time pressures, transaction volume, and requirements for data accuracy combine to make managing chargebacks a significant challenge for many Life Sciences manufacturers. Managing currently active Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts with memberships numbering in the thousands while also processing manual and electronic chargeback submissions can be overwhelming for small to mid-size manufacturers. That’s where Ross solutions come in!

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Data Sheet
Type:White Paper | Company:CDC Software - Ross Enterprise
At Ross Systems, we know that when it comes to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other regulatory mandates, the role of financial information systems in enabling compliance can’t be overstated. To address these and other issues, Ross Systems software provides Life Sciences companies with the financial systems foundation and best practices necessary to create the secure, auditable, and controlled environment needed to achieve SOX compliance.

From Quickbooks To ERP: A Roadmap for Growing Small Businesses
Type:White Paper | Company:Everest Software, Inc.
The basic spreadsheet and accounting programs you’ve relied upon till now won’t help your growing business streamline processes, eliminate decision-making bottlenecks, reduce IT costs, increase productivity, and improve the customer experience. That requires an enterprise-wide, integrated software system. Find out how an integrated system can help you take your business to the next level, and how to make sure you get the system that’s right for you.

Fifteen Questions for Your Software Supplier
Type:White Paper | Company:Technology Group International | TGI
This document is intended to help you, as a buyer of ERP software, to insure that you ask all of your potential ERP software providers some of the really tough questions that will help you define whether or not you want to do business with them as an organization. The questions here are not functional in nature. Rather, they are designed to help you understand, prior to purchasing a system from them, how a potential supplier will be to do business with.

How to Determine if Your Company Needs New Software
Type:White Paper | Company:Technology Group International | TGI
In this document, we will provide you with some basic guidelines regarding how you can help determine if you need to replace your existing business system. This information is detailed in the form of ten basic questions that you can answer regarding your current system. The answers you provide to these questions will clearly define for you whether or not your existing information systems are meeting your current business needs.

Business Process Management:Taking ERP Beyond Departmental and Data-Centric Boun
Type:White Paper | Company:Exact Software
With the typical ERP solution reaching approximately 15 to 20 percent of an organization, ERP never transcended into a solution for the entire “enterprise”. It has been this failure of ERP that has been the primary driver in the rise of a new generation of solutions, led by a diverse group of providers all claiming to deliver BPM. It is due to this diverse group of solutions, that a clear definition of BPM has never truly been established. Therefore, a diverse group of limited functionality...

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