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Business Process Management:Taking ERP Beyond Departmental and Data-Centric Boun

Product Name: Exact Software’s Macola ES (Enterprise Suite) by Exact Software
Download Type: White Paper
Format: .PDF
Published: 6/12/2007
With the typical ERP solution reaching approximately 15 to 20 percent of an organization, ERP never transcended into a solution for the entire “enterprise”. It has been this failure of ERP that has been the primary driver in the rise of a new generation
of solutions, led by a diverse group of providers all claiming to deliver BPM. It is due to this diverse group of solutions, that a clear definition of BPM has never truly been established.

Therefore, a diverse group of limited functionality solutions are all
claiming to deliver true BPM. The goal of BPM should not only focus on solving processes through technology, but also on a cultural shift within a company that encourages the sharing of information.

BPM promotes the notion that a business moves forward based on the collective information that is stored, shared, and circulated amongst employees. Making information available to all those who can utilize it, and enhancing on the investment that some
businesses have already made through the implementation of ERP solutions, allowing for greater efficiencies throughout the entire value cycle of a business.

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