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Beach Access Software

About the Company

Fast, Accurate, Professional Solutions in Microsoft Access

To create a successful business application two distinct skills are required:

1) a depth and breadth of experience in programming and in creating applications with intuitive, easy-to-use user interfaces

2) an understanding of business practices, processes and systems

Beach Access Software understands that business needs drive software development, NOT the other way around. Our success is built on standing between the client and the computer, translating the customer’s requirements for information into effective business applications.

Rocky Smolin (M.B.A., San Diego State, 1974) , founder of Beach Access Software, brings both of those skills to bear on the applications he creates. He began programming computers over 40 years ago as a high school student and sold his first commercial application while still an undergraduate student.

To see the kinds of projects that have been successfully developed and implemented by Beach Access Software, go to


Contact Information
Company Address: 13614 Boquita Drive
Del Mar, CA 92014
Country: United States
Company Phone: 858-259-4334
Sales Phone:  858-259-4334
Customer Support Phone: 858-259-4334
Company Fax: 858-259-4471
Company Web Page:
Company email:
Company Background
Business Since: 1980
No. of Employees: <5
Entity Type: Corporation (S C LLC)
Awards, Recognitions and Certifications
Additional Information
E-Z-MRP™, an integrated manufacturing system for small manufacturers, was first released under the DOS operating system in 1985, and achieved great success and widespread use with hundreds of customers around the world.

The system has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of small manufacturing companies such as medical instrumentation, appliances, automotive, pharmaceutical, woodworking and furniture construction, spraying systems, orthodontics, and firearms, as well as finding use as an instructional aid in universities. It works just as well in job shop or build-to-order environments as in build-to-stock or build-to-forecast operations.

In previous versions, it was translated into five languages and distributed in countries throughout the world. It is currently available in traditional and simplified Chinese.

The system has now been completely rewritten using Microsoft’s Access Database Management System – a component of the popular Microsoft Office Suite – making it compatible with a wide variety of third-party products.

“E-Z-MRP™ made running an MRP system possible for hundreds of small manufacturers who had neither the time, the money, nor the expertise to implement a conventional manufacturing system,” says Rocky Smolin, President of Beach Access Software. “E-Z-MRP™ in this new release continues this philosophy. It is still arguably the simplest approach to MRP and the easiest to implement of any MRP system in software history.

“It was designed to be used by people who do not have degrees or certification in manufacturing systems. It requires no on-site training or consultation. And it has cut the standard 18-month MRP implementation cycle to as little as 18 days.“

The package includes a full-featured Bill of Materials processor, plus a material planning and tracking module which tracks all sales orders, forecasts, work orders (planned, firm, and released), purchase orders, shortages, raw materials and finished goods inventories. It also records a complete audit trail on all inventory transactions.

Also included in E-Z-MRP™ is a physical inventory function and a purchase order module for printing purchase orders.

And, like previous versions, E-Z-MRP™ supports multiple databases, making it easy to do simulations or answer “what-if” questions without disrupting the production database.

It will run on any Windows-based PC or network, and requires only Access 2000 or Access XP to run.

No on-site or remote training is required. A comprehensive user manual with tutorials provides all the required instruction

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Software Name Classification
E-Z-MRP Manufacturing

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