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Work In Progress

By Dedicated Software Solutions, Inc

Current Version: 8.0 
Product Description  


Are you trying to boost the profitability of your business with more timely and accurate cost controls but can’t get the job done with your present methods? Generic accounting software gets the checks out but can’t supply the information you need because they weren’t designed for the special requirements of the construction industry. If you are using a manual system combined with spreadsheets, you’ll find yourself entering the same information 2 or 3 times to get some simple job cost analysis, but that takes too much time and never seems to get done. Most construction specific software packages are too complicated to learn and too cumbersome to use unless you’re an accountant. Work In Progress was built from the ground up for construction management and will provide all the tools you need in a very affordable and easy-to-use system.

Would you like to make more money on every home you build or job you complete? Then Work In Progress is the solution that you have been seeking. The fact is, every dollar you save on construction costs, is another dollar of profit that you will put into your pocket. This is what increased productivity is all about in your business, boosting profits at the same level of sales. This is one of the things that makes construction a great business to be in, except it takes some organization and efficiency to accomplish.

Our software was designed on this premise: a construction company’s profits are based on its ability to operate and complete projects within planned budgets. This statement implies two requirements, the ability to plan a construction budget and the means to stay within that budget. Work In Progress is the tool to accomplish this within a clear, concise and easy-to-use framework that is highly integrated.

Our high level of integration means less effort will provide more useful information. It also means that all our software is written and maintained by our company. Work In Progress doesn’t interface or ‘work with’ QuickBooks or Peachtree because it replaces them. We don’t interface with other Estimating or Scheduling systems because we have our own, which increases functionality and ease of use.

EASY - The easiest to use construction management software available. This system was custom written for builders and contractors. It contains all the features you want without the annoying features you don’t have any use for. Dedicated Software Solutions, Inc has nearly 20 years experience working with and perfecting software exclusively for builders. Work In Progress is a state-of-the-art 32 bit software developed for Windows XP/98/2000/ME/NT.

HIGHLY INTEGRATED - Work In Progress is a complete construction management system that takes you from a detailed schedule and estimate that automatically generates purchase orders through accounts payable invoicing and checkwriting to job cost reports and monthly financial statements. You can easily:

•Track your budgets and construction costs for all your projects.
•Analyze your costs with custom reports designed exclusively for builders.
•Track subcontractor’s insurance certificate expiration and 1099 information.
•Create estimates using either the ‘square foot’ or ‘assembly’ method.
•Closely control construction costs with purchase orders, budgeting and job costing.
•Issue Change Orders to track costs and generate billings for contracted extras.
•Runs on one computer or can be shared through a local area network server.

FULLY SUPPORTED - We ensure your success with state-of-the-art telephone and on-line support and system updates. The system includes a complete suite of online tutorial movies to get you started.

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