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By Time Consultant

Current Version: 5
Product Description  


TimeConsultant is a web based time, expense and billing software. TimeConsultant also includes the ability to track projects, skills, schedules, candidates and resumes and run over 100 reports and charts. Below is a quick recap of each categories capabilities.

Project Management

Project status can be accessed from remote locations. Automatic emails go out when project budgets are exceeded or reach a pre-defined threshold. Adding projects and assigning employees can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Employee utilization reporting and charts can be easily viewed, showing non-billable activity detail.


Invoices can be generated based on time and expenses that have been submitted by employees by project or for a fixed fee amount. Invoices include bill rate changes for an employee, support for daily bill rates and can be sent via email straight from TimeConsultant. Our Pre-bill functionality allows you to select the number of hours to bill to a client while still tracking the actual hours worked.

Time Tracking

Users can enter in time easily and quickly from anywhere using an Internet browser. Several different timesheet formats are available and notes can also be entered on timesheets (daily/weekly/optional/required). Approval is also easy and can have multiply steps. Automatic reminders can be set up to remind employees to submit their time.

Vacation Tracking
TimeConsultant rules processor handles complex business rules that allows you to set carry over hours, allow/disallow usage before hours accrused, exclusion period etc. Employees can view their PTO hours owing and used from the main menu as well as run reports.

Expense Reporting

Expense entry is also easy, as expenses can be billed specifically to a project and can be given a specific description. Users can define currency and how expenses were paid by default or by entry. Managers can view all expenses to be approved on one page. Multi Currency expense reporting is now available. Consultants can enter their currency rate to defalut back to 'home' currency. Multi Currency invoicing will be available 4th Qtr.


TimeConsultant has over 120 standard reports that allow you to report on categories such as Time By Project, Time by Employee, Billing, Utilization, Project Budgets, Forecasting, Expenses and Resource Schedules and Skills. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
TimeConsultant also features Graphs and Chart Reporting that enable you to quickly spot trends in your business for profitability, cost and utilization.

Candidates and Résumés

TimeConsultant allows for the entry of resume and skill set information on-line and the ability for managers to search on these skills. Managers can also attach a document to a candidate, perform an attachment search, enter candidate’s salary requirements and keep a detailed workflow of each candidate through the recruitment process.


TimeConsultant can quickly and easily transmit data to accounting and payroll systems. Integration is available with other corporate systems and can be tailored to meet an organization’s specific requirements.

Skills Tracking

Skills can be updated by a user and or a manager, and the number of skill categories is unlimited and defined by an organization. Managers can search on skills and view employee skill levels as well as employee’s schedules.


Employees and or managers have the ability to view and/or edit employee’s schedules.
Managers can assign schedules at the individual level or assign schedules at the project level.

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