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Considering What’s Next in Payroll 6/19/2013
By Steve Kania Keeping up with payroll for your clients every other week can be a difficult task. Particularly if you’re not using a payroll company to make things easier. Keeping up with changing payroll tax laws, rules and regulations Think Twice About Payroll Software 6/11/2013
By Steve Kania Many of your clients may be looking for the lowest priced payroll solution they can find. It may seem like payroll software fits this mold, but a low priced could actually end...

Calculations, Filings and Payments 5/20/2013
By Steve Kania  As an accountant, you’re an expert in calculations. Your clients, however, focusing on everything goes into their business, may get bogged down in the calculations of employee payments and payroll taxes.  When it comes to figuring out how much you need to...

The Chore of Recordkeeping 5/13/2013
By Steve Kania  In the midst of the digital age here in 2013, the idea of recordkeeping seems almost “old school.” Shouldn’t payroll records all be online somewhere? Indeed, a good online payroll service should allow you and your clients to see online payroll repor...

Be On Time with Payroll 5/6/2013
By Steve Kania  It’s almost always true in business that you can’t afford to miss deadlines. The same is true with payroll. Federal and state agencies have specific guidelines about when to report and deposit payroll taxes....

Setting Up Your Payroll the Right Way 4/26/2013
By Steve Kania At SurePayroll, we work with accountants all the time. We know you often advise your clients on payroll, and sometimes that can be a time-consuming and complicated process. We believe it should be easy, however people get into troub...

From IT to ET: Cloud, consumerization, and the next wave of IT transformation 5/16/2012
IT as we know it is over. Yes, IT -- at least as we've known it for approximately 25 years -- is indeed transforming. But far from becoming a commodity, technology is more important than ever. IT is being replaced by "enterprise technology" (ET): Technology that's no longer confined to offices and office workers, but is embedded throughout the enterprise. ET, in a nutshell, is the combination of technologies that enables embedded, networked, intelligence.

Preparing yourself and your clients for transformational change 2/15/2012
Society today is experiencing one of the rare periods of transformational change that has occurred in the recorded history of human existence. These changes have huge consequences for the way that we live, work, and play. Some changes are obvious as they unfold, while others evolve over time and only become clear after they are accepted as the norm.

Best Practices for Ongoing AP to AR Reconciliation in the Supply and Demand Chain 1/4/2012
Large enterprises manage millions of transactions and payments to thousands of suppliers each year. Complex purchasing environments, high transaction volumes and complex pricing lead to accounting errors, lost discounts and improper pricing. It is nearly impossible to have 100 percent transaction and payment accuracy – even for companies with the strongest controls. Accounting and payment anomalies result from processing errors including multiple payments on an invoice, miss-applied credits and data errors. Additionally, there are adjustments that happen after a transaction is settled, such as returns, refunds and warranty issues. These types of anomalies multiply based on the volume of suppliers and purchasing transactions at a company.

Five Tips to Help Manage Company Cash Flow and Use Inventory Management Software 11/13/2011
As a business owner, you’ve probably had your fair share of difficulty managing your cash flow. It’s actually one of the hardest aspects of running a business. You have to examine a lot of factors to master the delicate art of managing cash flow. Ultimately, you just need to get a lot of cash flowing into your company quickly, and you need to get as a small amount of cash flowing out slowly. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always. But there are some things you can do to make it simpler. Try using inventory management software and the other tactics below.

Are Web-Based Apps Threatening QuickBooks? 11/2/2011
Just 10 years after being rolled out, QuickBooks claimed 94% of the market. And that would be the end of the story if not for a little (or rather big) thing called the cloud. Software as a service (SaaS) is revolutionizing the way people use accounting software. While QuickBooks was quick to offer an online version, a number of new vendors are using the cloud to innovate rapidly and address the perennial challenges of ease-of-use and affordability in the small business accounting software market.

What is Call Accounting Software? 9/21/2011
A telecommunications software or hardware application that documents telephone usage is called a call accounting system. This system has the ability to capture, record and assign costs to all telephone usage with the small business or the large enterprise.

Introduction To Accounting Information Systems 8/31/2011
An accounting information system (AIS) is a structure that a business uses to collect, store, manage, process, retrieve and report its financial data so that it can be used by accountants, consultants, business analysts, managers, chief financial officers (CFOs), auditors and regulatory and tax agencies. In particular, specially trained accountants work with AIS to ensure the highest level of accuracy in a company's financial transactions and recordkeeping and to make financial data easily available to those who legitimately need access to it, all while keeping data intact and secure. This article will describe the primary components of an AIS and some of its real-life applications.

Intuit and Salesforce Partner Up: Who’s the Big Winner? 8/11/2011
Intuit and announced that they would partner to integrate Intuit QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online small business accounting software with Salesforce’s small business CRM editions (Contact Manager, Group and Professional).

Finding Balance with Nonprofit Software 7/27/2011
The nonprofit world is lined with the good intentions of well-meaning people looking to change society for the better. The problem is that without the same level of passion for business management, these bright ideas can lead to an organizational implosion. From having the right accounting software in place to following best practices, the only method to ensure that your altruism endures is to make sure you’re accountable each step of the way.

Review of SaaS Small Business Accounting Programs 6/29/2011
For the uninitiated, SaaS is web-based software that users basically rent or subscribe to, as opposed to owning it on CD or on an actual computer (on premises). When it comes to web-based small business accounting programs, there are many benefits to these remote access capabilities, foremost being the convenience and instant accessibility to data. The following article delves into the pros and cons of SaaS software and will help you determine if this is the right model for you.

Commitment to Service Leads to Voice Automation Technology 6/22/2011
The number one priority is shipping the right product, on time, every time. This commitment to service has driven managers to implement voice automation technology to improve order selection and delivery accuracy.

4 Key Components of an Electronic Workflow Process 6/8/2011
The term workflow as it relates to tax, accounting and other segments of information administration, is not new to business professionals. The use of technology tools to aid in the control of workflow is, however, on the rise and is helping many organizations of all sizes improve their back office operations. A basic definition of electronic workflow is the technology infrastructure, inclusive of both hardware and software, used to direct, regulate and automate the flow of an organization’s electronic content in order to make said flow more efficient and secure.

9 Key Questions to Ask About Your ERP Software License 5/18/2011
Choosing the right accounting software can be tough. With so many options and so much technical jargon, finding the package that meets your needs is quite a challenge. But once you have found the software that has the right functionality for your business, you need to make sure you understand the costs. There are ways to save money or to waste money; there are upfront costs to consider and hidden costs to avoid.

Make-to-Order Job Shop Accounting Solutions and Much More 5/4/2011
The make to order (MTO) strategy relieves the problems of excessive inventory that is common with the traditional make to stock (MTS) strategy. Consequently, the make-to-order business needs to have effective and accurate estimating and quoting as well as BOM’s (bill of materials), Order Entry, Scheduling, Job Costing and Tracking, Purchasing, Quality, Inventory Control, and Full Accounting.

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