January 2011 Edition

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Feature Article:
Will recent actions taken by the FCC jeopardize your businesses Internet freedom?

Up until now, the Internet has been free commerce in its purest form. However, On December 21, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission officially adopted controversial new Net neutrality rules, "fixing" a problem that was not there. The battle is far from over, as the FCC's authority to create and enforce these regulations may still be in question. With this uncertainty looming, infrastructure providers may be less likely to invest in innovation, due to not knowing what regulatory impact these rules could impose. If the FCC’s actions are successful, this will impact businesses and infrastructure providers, whereas they will not be allowed to freely innovate (and letting the free market decide on the winners and losers) as they see fit, thus stopping innovation.

Ideas In Motion:
Brian Swanson Offers SEO Advice and Guidance

Most admit they have some knowledge about what SEO is, but have no idea how to go about addressing it for their website. Brian Swanson is head of Flashpoint Marketing, a consultancy focusing on practice management and technology solutions for the accounting profession. Brian has worked with many of the nation’s largest accounting firms helping them assess and implement SEO. I sat down with Brian to talk about current trends in SEO and how accounting firms can improve their technology focus

Ideas in Motion is a monthly column designed to focus on best practices within CPA firms and organizations involved in providing technology related services.

Accounting Concepts:
Financial Reporting and Consolidation: Defining Report Lines - Part 4

This is the 4th article in a series about Financial Reporting and Consolidation. The following article focuses on how financial report writers define report lines and grouping of accounts. This material is adapted from The Automated Accounting Systems and Procedures Handbook (John Wiley, New York 1991) Chapter 12.

This column presents a new accounting system concept each month that may be applicable to your organization.

BillQuick – Time, Billing and Project Management

With BillQuick, all your critical business functions—time and expense tracking, project management, billing and accounts payable—are in one system. If you are already using QuickBooks®, Peachtree Accounting® or MYOB®, you can leverage your existing investment by integrating with BillQuick. You can also get the mobility you desire with BQE’s feature-rich SaaS product which also comes with an iPhone and Android mobile app.

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