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Customer Relationship Management: Putting Customers at the Center of the Busine

Product Name: Exact Synergy by Exact Software
Download Type: White Paper
Format: .PDF
Published: 6/12/2007
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has sustained success through its ability to help companies sell but, only focuses on a portion of the customer relationship, not taking into account pervasive business processes that can affect customers. Yet nearly all facets of the organization are driven and affected by the customer relationship.

Incorporating all organizational procedures across the enterprise will serve to advance these relationships and make companies more profitable.

CRM systems can be very effective solutions for managing sales cycles. However, using current CRM point solutions will not build and manage an entire customer experience, merely the components of the sales and marketing cycles. There is promise, however.

While traditional CRM systems have lacked the ability to encompass the full realm of business processes, new technologies are emerging that empower businesses to
realize the full potential of customer relationships.

This paper addresses how CRM technology has evolved, the current challenges in merging existing enterprise-wide processes, and the necessary requirements for
making CRM an integral success throughout the entire organization, leading to better customer communication and retention.

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