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gonza wrote the following post on 3/4/2008 5:40:09 AM

new added stuff:

all available here:
hit me up via e-mail: sales [alfadog] trade soft . name (remove spaces, [alfadog]
= @)

AATS - Accurate Trading CCI ZLR Trading System (EasyLanguage Open
AATS - LTC ES Scalper System (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Adaptick ICE 2.0 for Metastock + Manual (
Adaptick PowerStriker SR for MS (
Advanced GET 9.1 EOD Dashboard Edition
Advanced GET EOD v7.8 build 420
Advanced GET Studies for eSignal
Advanced Get v1.3 RT build 320 for eSignal
AIQ Trading Expert and AIQ Option Expert v8.2
Alchemy indicators and systems (
Alpha Centauri by Jan Arps for TS2000i, TS7, TS8 (EasyLanguage Open
AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.6 for Metastock + manual (
Alyuda Tradecision v1.8 pro (
Amcan Systens & Indicators for TS8.1 (EasyLanguage Open Code)
AmiBroker v4.90 (
Applied Reality Trading (
APS v4.8 (
Arps Crown Jewels + Hurst Bands for eSignal (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Arps Crown Jewels for eSignal
ART Charting Software for TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code)
ART System for eSignal
ATS-3200 (
ATS-6400 Trading Software (
Automatic Patterns Search v4.9
AXIOM Index Swing System (EasyLanguage Open Code) for TS2000i, TS8 +
Belly Trader by John Clayburg (EasyLanguage Open Code) for TS2000i,
TS7, TS8 + manual
Bollinger Bands System
Bollinger Bands Tool Kit for eSignal
Bradley Barometer + manual (
Builder Trading System (EasyLanguage Open Code)
BWT Trend Indicators II for TS2000i, TS7, TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code)
BWT Zones for NinjaTrader
Cable24 Trading System (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Cahen indicator for MS
CandlePower v6.0 (
CART v5.0.9.156 + Manuals (
Cobalt Trading System
Compass for TS2000i, TS8.1 (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
ConceptForex indicators for eSignal (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
Constance Brown INDX for MS Works
Crystal Ball v7.2.104.0 Professional Edition + manual (
Cycle Trends Professional v2.30 with manual (
CyclePack for eSignal
Cyclone system for TS by John Clayburg (
Cynthia Kase Tradestation v5.1 RT (
Day Trading Action for eSignal
Decision Bar for eSignal v2.0 for eSignal. (EFS Open Source Code)
Decision Bar for NinjaTrader
DecisionBar for Tradestation v8.1 (
DeepInsight v9.5 RT Pro (
Delta Graphics Director Edition Intraday & Forex v3.19
Delta Graphics v2.18 (
Delta Turning Points for Advanced GET
Dimonx6 Platinum (
Discipulus v3.0 (Engineering, Enterprise) (

Divergence Package (
Shem's Preference Package
Fib-Trendline Package

Drummond Geometry course (1-30 lessons) + TS indicators package
Dynamic Gann Level System for TradeStation 2000i Metastock/Excel +
Dynamic Trader v5.0
Dynamic Trading Tools
Dynamite Sentimentor v5.15 + Manuals (
Dynaorder v3.08 (
Dynastore Light for Qfeed v4.0 SPI Build 20916
Dynastore Pro v2.0.1 Build 1218
EarlyBird III Trading System (
eASCTrend v6.0 Professional (UNLIMITED) + Video Tutorials (
Elliott Wave v7.7 RT (
Emini-master toolset for eSignal (
Ensign Windows Multifeed 08.06 (
EntryPoint 2006 for TS8,Ts2000 open code (softwaresolutions-
Equis - Support & Resistance
ERSA Relative Strength Analyser
ETS Trading System for MS + Manual (
Euro Metrics Trading System (
EZ2 Trade Charting Collection for eSignal + manual (
Feeder Trader by John Clayburg for TS2000i, TS7, TS8 open code (
Fibonacci Trader v4.0 R75 RT + manual
FinCad Developer v8.1.0.61 (
FinCAD XL v9.1 (
Floor Traders Tools v8.2 with Dynamic Cycles for TS8 (
Focal Point for Tradestation2000i (
Forex Compass Nostradamus System (
ForexMoneyMap (
Fractal Finance
FractalsEdge Forex RT 2007 version and futures version
FuzzyTECH v5.54 (
FX-Dynamics Trading system (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Gann Square of 9 for MS
Gann Trend, Hi-Lo, Swing for MS
Gann Vortex and Gann Fixed Lines for MS
Gannalyst Professional 4
Genesis B Japanese YEN Trading System (EasyLanguage Open Code)
George Angell - LSS Daytrading System Indicators
Gibralter MultiMarket Profit System (add-on for MetaStock)
Hamzei Analytics indicators for eSignal (Open Code) (
Harmonic Analyzer 4
Hawkeye for eSignal
Helix for TS2000i, TS 7, TS8 decompiled (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Hilbert Cycle (add-on for MetaStock)
Hologram GBP_USD System for TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
HPO Indicator + Manual for MS (
HyperTools for XPO Premium Edition v2.00131
Indicators for NinjaTrader (
Indicia Trading Systems (
Investor RT v8.6 for DTN-IQ, IB,, eSignal + manual (
Investor's Dream & Manuals
Jan Arps - HawkEye toolkit for TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
Jan Arps Swing Traders Toolbox (
Joe Krut Time Charger Trading System (EasyLanguage Open Code)
John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition
Jurik Research DLL Module for Windows Application Developers
Jurik tools for eSignal
Jurik tools for NinjaTrader
Kase Statware indicators for
Keystone (
Kwikpop for Metastock
Kwikpop for NinjaTrader
KwikPop indicators 3.1 for eSignal (Open Code) + manual (
KwikPop v4.0 for TS8 (
Larry Williams indicators for Metastock
Market Delta for CQG,eSignal,DTN IQFeed,Interactive Brokers, Opentick
Magic Dots Trading System (EasyLanguage Open Code) + manual
Market System Analyzer v2.0 + manual (
Market Trader Platinum build 17 January 2006 + manual + video (
Market Warrior v4.0.178 (
MARS v2.0 + manuals (
Matheny Enterprises Indicators for eSignal (
Maxim (
MB Risk Management (MBRM) Universal Addins for Excel v9.32F + manual
Metastock Developers Kit
Metastock Professional v9.0 for eSignal
Metastock v10 (CD)
Millenium 2000 Trading System for TradeStation2000i (
Minimax II v2 (
MTPredictor RT for eSignal
MTPredictor for NinjaTrader
MTPredictor v5 EOD + Trading course (
Murrey Math Trading Frame Software v1.7.5 RT for QFeed (
Mystery Trading System (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Neoticker v4 (
NetPicks Universal Market Trader for TS ( )
NetPicks Universal Market Trader for eSignal
NetPicks Universal Market Trader for MetaTrader
NetPicks Universal Market Trader for NinjaTrader
NeuroForecaster GA 2003+GeneMiner 2003+VisuaData 2003+Select
Neuroshell Adaptive Net Indicators
Neuroshell and Gene hunter video tutorial (CD)
Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Turboprop2
Neuroshell Daytrader Advanced Indicator Set 1
Neuroshell Daytrader DataXchange API
Neuroshell Daytrader Neural Indicators
NeuroShell DayTrader Professional v4.5 (
NeuroShell DayTrader Professional v5.4 beta 2
Neuroshell Trader - Developer Kit (Examples)
Neuroshell Trader - Systems Developer Kit
NeuroShell Trader Pro v5.2
NeuroSolutions v5.0 (
Nexgen T3 (October 2006) for Tradestation v8.1 (
NinjaTrader MultiBroker Edition version 5.1 (
NinjaTrader V6
NinjaTrader V6.5 (NEW!)
Nirvana Trading Systems
Ocean theory indicators by Jim Sloman for TS8 + manual (EasyLanguage
Open Code)
Omnitrader 2007 RT Release 2 (Stocks edition, Futures edition, ARM3-
Stocks, ARM3-Futures,
ARM3-Funds, Strategy Builder, FOLIOfn plugin,
OptimalTrader 1.60.160 + Lessons (
Option Simulator Real Time v3.4.2 (
Option Sleuth Pro v1.92 (
Options Investigator v5.0
OwnData v2.4 (
Palisade Decision Tools Suite v4.5.2 (
Performance Systems Plus
Personal Network Server (
Pound Metrics Trading System (
Power Tools by Teresa Lo for eSignal (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
Premium Solver Engines v6.5 for Excel (

Prime-Line TradeStation Suite (
Professional Trading Module 1 (Prime-Align Radar)
Professional Trading Module 1a (Prime-Align Charting)
Professional Trading Module 2 (Prime-Line Breakout)
Professional Trading Module 3 (Auto Prime-Line)

Profit Navigator software for eSignal - (
ProfitSource (
Pro-Signal forex trading system (
QCollector Pro v2.5.3 for QChart (
Quant Developer v2.2.2 Enterprise Edition + manual (
R&W Master Suite package: (SPTrader, NYFE Trader, Bpound Trader, Euro
Raptor II + plugins (
Raptor III System (
RC Conservative for TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
RC DayTrader Level 7 Trading System (
RC Miracles for TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
RC Success for TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Refined Elliott Trader 1.0.9 (
R-MESA 5 for TS (EasyLanguage Open Code) + manual (
RoadRunner strategy for TS8.1 (EasyLanguage Open Code) (
Roy Kelly Floor Traders Tools 8.2 incl. RK Dynamic Cycles for TS8.1
Rumba for TS2000i, TS7, TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Safir XP v1.5.163 + manual (
Shockwave Trading System (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Sirtrade Market Profile for Tradestion 8.1
Smart-eTrades e-mini DayTrader Series - Eagle, Dragon, and Raven
Trading Systems
(EasyLanguage Open Code)
SpyGlass 2.5 for MetaStock 8.0 and 9.0 (
SqueezePlay and TrendyWendy for TS2000i, TS7, TS8
Stata v8.0 + Manual (
STC V-Based S&P Daytrade System (
Steve Nison's CandleSticks Unleashed
Stock Manager v4.2 for Palm (
System, Darvas system, Pring's KST system, Pring's RS system, TLB
system, Pattern system, Future system)
T3-Fibs 2006 version for eSignal
Tactical Trader full original version (Open Source Code) (
Tango for TS2000i, TS7, TS8 (EasyLanguage Open Code)
Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities v6.21 (CD)
Tenfore Satelite QuoteSpeed Server v4.7
TESS (Trading Edge Strategy Software v2.0.31) + Manual (
The Alvarez Factor Daytrading Program (
The DecisionBar Strategy Indicator for eSignal V2.3
The emini-ATM method with TS indicator (
The ETF Sweet Spot Trading System (
The Grail GGO with CASB v1.594 (
The Grail Walk Forward Optimzer v1.440
The Hanna ETF Money Flow Trading System (
The Joe Krut Quarterpounder Systems 1 + 2 (
Thomas DeMark TD Sequental for MS + manual + (Open Source Code)
Time Charger for TS 2000i, TS8.1 (EasyLanguage Open Code)
TimingSolution 1.0 build 17-03-2006 - (
TORA Trading Systems for MetaStock
Track 'n Trade Pro v4.0.5.1 (
Trade Oracle (
TradeGuider 2.5.3 RT for eSignal
TradeGuider EOD-Live v2.215 (
TraderXL Pro Package v5.4 (
TradeSim v4.2.2 Enterprise Edition + manuals (
Trade the Markets TTM indicators (
TradeStation 8.2 Build 3863 + OwnData 2.5
TradeTimer TT1 for TS - (
Trading Blox Builder v2.1.3 (
Trading The Bands System + Manual For TS - (
TradingMarkets Aggressive Momentum Method (
Trend Simplicity system (
TrendMedium v2.5 for Mestastock 7, 8, 9 + manual (
Triangles II for Metastock + Manual (
TurnSignal for eSignal (
Tuner Trade System by Edmond Petitjean (
Ultra Edge Strategy (
Universal II (
Vantage Point Software v7.0.9.1
Viscovery SOMine v3.0 Enterprise Edition + Manual (
VPI_3 + Manual for TS - (
VSTOPS Indicators Package for NinjaTrader
Walter Bressert Profit Trader v7.0 for MS + Manual
Wave 59 RT v2.13 (
Wavetracker Pro v6.0 for eSignal
Wavetrader 2004 for eSignal (
WealthLab Developer v4.0.2 (
WHY MARKETS TURN Package (4.3 GBs)
WizeTrade v7.0.17 + tutorial (
Yen Trader, Swiss Trader, Dmark Trader, TBond Trader

Seminars & Courses:
Market Esoterica Seminar DVDs (
John Jace - "Trading Harmonically With The Universe" Seminar Video +
Financial Astrology Course DVD
David Burton Home Study Course
Steve Nisons DVD collection "Profiting in forex: Using candlesticks to
catch the next move" (

2 Day Galactic Trader Workshop 1997 (in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) With
8 module Prime-Line Market Matrix Course with ControlPoint Guide
Jeanne Long and Thomas Long DVD (

Home Study Course - Learn to Trade the E-mini Futures(

Cash Cow Trading Strategies II (CCTS) (cashcow-
WaveRider Pro Course (

Larry Williams - Million Dollar Seminar (
Alexander Elder - Trading Room Video Course DVD
Alexander Elder - Caribbean Traders' Camp in Dominican Republic
Alexander Elder - Winning Psychology and Tactics - Traders' Camp

Larry Levin Course DVD (

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