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Made2Manage Systems, Inc.

About the Company

Made2Manage Systems provides manufacturers with easy-to-use, high-quality solutions that are tailored to specific manufacturing industries. These solutions improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and financial performance while managing business growth. Unlike other ERP software vendors that focus on new technology trends, Made2Manage delivers ongoing value to our customers by enabling them to achieve continuous business process improvements.

We deliver ongoing value to our customers by offering:

- The most responsive customer support in the industry.
- 100 percent customer-driven product development.
- A focus on product quality and robust functionality rather than “sales needs.”
- Comprehensive professional services for ongoing business process improvement.
- Proactive customer management from a team dedicated to serving our client’s needs.

Founded in 1986, Made2Manage Systems began with a vision to provide manufacturers with a more robust alternative to their ad hoc business systems. Since then, the company’s technology has evolved from a DOS-based platform to the newest Microsoft Windows technology architecture that supports Web services standards and Internet-based applications.

Made2Manage Systems’ commitment to the manufacturing industry has helped make the company a leader in the small and midsize enterprise (SME) software space. Made2Manage Systems is a user-centric software company serving the unique market specifications of more than 30 manufacturing industries, including rubber and plastics, industrial and commercial machinery, fabricated metals, electronics, transportation, analytical and measuring equipment, furniture and fixtures, and durable goods.

The Made2Manage® Enterprise Business System is a comprehensive package of software, services, and support aimed to help manufacturers achieve ongoing business process improvements. Using Microsoft and Internet-based technologies, Made2Manage Systems provides manufacturers with high-quality and easy-to-use business tools, including Enterprise Resource Planning (M2M ERP), Supply Chain Management (M2M SCM), Customer Relationship Management (M2M CRM), Business Intelligence (M2M BI), and Business Collaboration.

The Manufacturing Manager by Made2Manage Systems is a comprehensive manufacturing, distribution, and financial management toolset designed for the unique market specifications of plastics processors. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality within The Manufacturing Manager is augmented by plastics-specific quality management, customer relationship management, reporting, quoting, and scheduling tools.

Regardless of system or platform, Made2Manage Systems provides award-winning, market-leading services and support to its customers. By combining various technologies with the knowledge of seasoned product experts, Made2Manage System delivers professional support, education, consulting, and customization services that can be tailored to a manufacturer’s unique business requirements.

Made2Manage Systems may be reached via e-mail at or by calling (800)626-0220.


Contact Information
AKA/DBA: Patrick Dolan
Company Address: Three Parkwood Crossing
450 E. 96th Street, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Country: United States
Company Phone: 317-249-1200
Sales Phone:  800-626-0220
Customer Support Phone: 866-626-8880
Company Fax: 317-249-1999
Company Web Page:
Company email:
Company Background
Business Since: 1986
No. of Employees: 101-500
Entity Type: Corporation (S C LLC)
Awards, Recognitions and Certifications
January 1986 Company founded
November 1988 Sold first system
December 1990 Achieved 100 installations
June 1992 Held first Annual User Conference
May 1993 Released Made2Manage® Version 7.0 for DOS
June 1994 Began development of Made2Manage for Windows
February 1995 Moved headquarters to new facility
May 1995 Approved as Microsoft Solution Provider
July 1995 Received Indiana Growth 100 Award from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, part of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
October 1995 Introduced SmartLink? online support system
December 1995 Released Made2Manage® for Windows
February 1996 Made2Manage for Windows received Microsoft® Windows® 95 Certification
March 1996 Made2Manage for Windows won National Manufacturing Week honors
May 1996 Received ICP/ISA Million in One and $25 Million Club Awards
October 1996 Received Indiana Growth 100 Award for a second consecutive year from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
March 1997 Released Made2Manage® Version 1.5
June 1997 Listed in Managing Automation's "Hot 100 Manufacturing Software Companies"
July 1997 Listed in Manufacturing Systems' "Top 75 Software Vendors"
October 1997 Announced partnership with FRx to bring financial drill-down features to Made2Manage
October 1997 Announced partnership with The EC Company to bring affordable electronic commerce capabilities to Made2Manage
October 1997 Made2Manage for Windows received ICP/ISA $10 Million Club Award
November 1997 Released Made2Manage® Version 2.0
December 1997 Made2Manage Systems, Inc., completed successful initial public offering and began trading on Nasdaq under the symbol "MTMS"
January 1998 Made2Manage 2.0 received "Designed for Microsoft® Windows NT® and Windows® 95" certification
March 1998 Announced adoption and implementation of the Microsoft· Solution Framework for its product development efforts
April 1998 Version 2.1 of Made2Manage received "Designed for Microsoft® BackOffice®" logo certification
May 1998 Released Made2Manage® Version 2.1
May 1998 Made2Manage received the ICP/ISA $50 Million Club award and Made2Manage for Windows received the ICP/ISA $25 Million Club award
June 1998 Announced partnership with ADP to bring payroll and human resource services to small and midsize manufacturers
June 1998 Listed in Software Magazine's "Top 500"
June 1998 Announced partnership with Best Software to bring payroll and human resource software to small and midsize manufacturers
June 1998 David B. Wortman, President and CEO of Made2Manage Systems, Inc., received the Indiana Heartland 1998 Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award in the Technology/Communication/Entertainment category
July 1998 Listed in Manufacturing Systems' "Top 100 Software Vendors"
July 1998 Listed in start magazine's "Hottest Companies of 1998"
July 1998 Announced partnership with Powerway to bring Quality Compliance and Process Control software to small and midsize manufacturers
August 1998 Acquired Bridgeware, Inc., to deliver advanced planning and scheduling capabilities to small and midsize manufacturers
December 1998 Clifton Gunderson L.L.C. became an Authorized Service Provider
January 1999 Released Made2Manage® Version 3.0
January 1999 Announced Corporate Accounts Program
March 1999 Dixon Odom became an Authorized Service Provider
April 1999 Clifton Gunderson L.L.C. opened the first Authorized Education Center in Oak Brook, Illinois
July 1999 Established partnership with 4Front Technologies, Inc., for the European distribution of Made2Manage
July 1999 Listed in start magazine's "Hottest Companies of 1999"
July 1999 Listed in Manufacturing Systems' "Top 100 Software Vendors"
September 1999 Selected as the 1999 Indiana Growth 100 "Alumni of the Year" by The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, part of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
September 1999 Introduced Time2Value? tools to help manufacturers implement more quickly and realize a faster return on their business system investment
November 1999 Released Made2Manage® Version 3.1
December 1999 Made2Manage received INITA's One Hundred Million Dollar Club award
December 1999 Made2Manage® for Windows received INITA's Fifty Million Dollar Club award
January 2000 Released Made2Manage® Version 3.1 SQL Server option
January 2000 Launched Virtual Classroom to deliver online, interactive education through the Internet
January 2000 Earned Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Partner status
February 2000 Announced partnership with to deliver integrated
e-procurement for buyers and suppliers of manufactured direct materials
February 2000 Made2Manage Developer Toolkit? product received "Featuring Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications" logo certification
March 2000 Announced partnership with Manufacturers Technologies, Inc., to link MTI's Costimator computer-aided cost estimating system with Made2Manage
March 2000 Announced Made2Manage and UPS OnLine interface to facilitate automatic transfer of shipping information
March 2000 Launched, a new business Web site, to provide small and midsize manufacturers with an end-to-end solution for opening markets to reach new customers, strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers, and streamlining operations to reduce costs via the Internet
March 2000 Announced partnership with Allegrix, Inc., to host back-office ASP offering
March 2000 Announced partnership with VerticalNet, Inc., to power sections of the Marketplace Center within the Web site
March 2000 Announced partnership with Engineering Animation, Inc., to use their collaboration solution to power the Collaboration Center within the Web site
April 2000 David B. Wortman elected Chairman

May 2000 Introduced user-friendly Made2Manage Reporter to quickly create custom reports and queries based on data stored in Made2Manage

May 2000 Introduced live, online Cyber Consulting to save manufacturing customers time and money

June 2000 Listed in Software Magazine's ranking of the world's largest software and services suppliers, "Software 500"

June 2000 Listed in Managing Automation's ranking of "Software Leaders 2000"
July 2000 Teamed with Click Commerce to offer Enterprise Channel Management systems
July 2000 Listed in start magazine's ranking of "The Hottest Companies of 2000" for third consecutive year
July 2000 Listed in Manufacturing Systems' ranking of "Top 100 Software Vendors" for fourth consecutive year
August 2000 Launched new ASP service offering, M2MEXPRESS

August 2000 Announced strategic agreement with Interact Commerce to provide Made2Manage customers with SalesLogix2000· customer relationship management (CRM) software suite
September 2000 Formed e-compliance 'Supply Chain' in the European manufacturing software market with Powerway and 4-Front Technologies, to deliver Made2Manage Quality Advantage
September 2000 Kicked off new Cyber Implementation

September 2000 Debuted Version 3.2 at International Manufacturing Technology Show; more than 400 customer-driven improvements added to back-office business system

September 2000 Launched customer-focused Web site, M2MEXPERT, to assist manufacturers with day-to-day operations

September 2000 Launched breakthrough service for manufacturing e-commerce, M2MVIP

November 2000 Implemented ServiceWare's eService suite to provide small and midsize manufacturers with superior Web-based support

November 2000 Microsoft Chief Software Architect Bill Gates named Made2Manage Systems as strong example in new Web-based technology; M2MVIP showcased at annual Comdex Computer Show

December 2000 Added new patent for methods and systems used in planning software to maximize advantage in Supply Chain Management offering

December 2000 Made2Manage® for Windows received INITA's One Hundred Million Dollar Club award
December 2000 M2MVIP technology team received INITA's Key Technical Contributor award for using next generation of the Internet to develop new Web-based service offering for manufacturers
June 2001 Listed in Software Magazine's ranking of the world's largest software and services suppliers, "Software 500"
July 2001 Listed in start magazine's "Hottest Companies of 1999"
July 2001 Listed in Manufacturing Systems' "Top 100 Software Vendors"
September 2001 Launched one of the first software applications completly designed using Microsoft's .Net platform "M2M VIP Enterprise Portal"
September 2001 – Made2Manage unveils its Multi-Dimensional Inventory application
November 2001 – Made2Manage adds a significant enhancement to its Enterprise Business System with new Multi-site application
January 2002 – Made2Manage introduces the Made2Manage Version 5.0 SQL
February 2002 – Microsoft recognizes Made2Manage as a leader of new .NET technology
February 2002 – Made2Manage Systems receives the SSPA Webstar Award for world-class Web site support
March 2002 – Made2Manage Systems releases new Business Analysis application
June 2002 – Made2Manage Systems’ CEO Dave Wortman is named a top technology visionary by Start magazine
July 2002 - Made2Manage Systems receives the Association of Support Professionals Award for world-class Web site support

Additional Information
Headquarters 450 East 96th Street, Suite 300
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
Corporate Phone: (317) 249-1200
Product Information: (800) 626-0220
Fax: (317) 249-1999

The Made2Manage Enterprise Business System

The Made2Manage Foundation (M2M? Foundation)

As the backbone of our Enterprise Business System, the M2M Foundation provides you with the right technology to operate and grow your business. By adopting the Microsoft technology platform, Made2Manage ensures that you have an IT infrastructure that is scalable, cost-efficient over the life of the system, and designed to take advantage of the most current technologies.

· Allows Made2Manage to rapidly develop software to meet your business needs.
· Delivers an open architecture so you have easy access to critical business data.
· Enables you to customize and extend your system to fit your specific business processes.

Made2Manage Enterprise Resource Planning (M2M? ERP)

The right technology is just the first step in managing your business environment. To execute all of your operations, from concept to cash, you need a comprehensive back-office system. That's where M2M ERP comes into play. The easy to use, flexible M2M ERP system integrates information across the Enterprise Business System to provide you with real time visibility into your operations.

· Gives your staff a quick assessment of your detail costs, cash management activities and inventory turnover.
· Assists you in more accurately managing your inventory.
· Supports quotes, sales, inventory management, purchasing, production, shipping and receiving.

Made2Manage Supply Chain Management (M2M? SCM)

Once you have integrated your data and captured efficiencies, M2M SCM helps you drive revenue by optimizing your supply chain. M2M SCM can anticipate future demand, coordinate your suppliers, schedule your shop floor and deliver on time.

· Optimizes resource usage and maximizes throughput.
· Shares the same database, in real time, with other key enterprise functions to synchronize around the bottleneck plan and schedule.
· Builds accurate forecasts to drive production planning and material procurement.
· Provides customers with delivery information based on actual capacity and material constraints.
Made2Manage Customer Relationship Management (M2M? SCM)

Now that your supply chain has been synchronized, it's time to focus on attracting and retaining more customers. M2M CRM makes it easy for marketing, sales and support to generate more sales, keep customers happy and enhance loyalty.

· Helps your marketing department generate more qualified prospects.
· Automates the selling cycle ? freeing up time for Sales to focus on closing deals.
· Forecasts and analyzes the pipeline to better manage more complex, lower volume selling cycles.
· Ensures that your service and support team put your customers first.

Made2Manage Business Intelligence Tools (M2M? BI)

Of course, you have to stay on top of your business. M2M BI services help you make better, faster decisions. M2M BI tools convert raw data into valuable information ? providing you with maximum visibility into your business operations.

· Notifies you of exceptions so you can immediately respond to potential problems.
· Assists you to easily create reports on any area of your business.
· Helps you analyze information to identify trends and relationships in your data.

The Made2Manage Gateway (M2M? Gateway)

Take your business to the next level by connecting your enterprise data to your business partners across the globe with the M2M Gateway. The M2M Gateway provides the infrastructure you need to collaborate and integrate with other businesses through a convenient and cost-effective datacenter.

· Leverages enterprise portals to automate customer service and expands your markets.
· Integrates enterprise data ? linking your information with your customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

Made2Manage Enterprise Portals (M2M? VIP)

In today's modern marketplace, you need to take your business beyond your four walls. That's why we offer M2M VIP. M2M VIP is a Web application service that extends the reach of your enterprise business system to engage customers, suppliers, partners and employees. M2M VIP enables you to reduce costs and strengthen your supply chain.

· Reduces customer service calls by displaying real-time account status and invoice information.
· Makes your sales reps more efficient by providing 24/7 access to account data.
· Gives customers the ability to enter quotes and start an order from a quote.

Made2Manage Link (M2M? Link)

With M2M Link applications such as electronic data interchange (EDI), you can connect your enterprise business system to third party systems. Link to public and private trading exchanges with M2M? Biztalk and capture more business. Automate communication between your Made2Manage Enterprise Business System and other systems and watch your business grow.

· Provides a low-cost way for you to link to your key customers so their orders are sent directly from their system into yours.
· Speeds response to market demand.
· Creates barriers to entry for your competition.

Learn More About The Made2Manage Enterprise Business System

By leveraging the right technology, you can become more competitive and increase profits. Made2Manage Systems can show you how. To learn more about The Made2Manage Enterprise Business System, call us toll-free at 1-800-626-0220 or visit us online at

As the leader in its market, Made2Manage Systems consistently delivers advanced technology solutions that are compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating systems and BackOffice family of server products, including Windows 2000 and SQL Server 2000. With more than 1600 customer sites in the United States, Canada and Europe, Made2Manage serves a broad range of industries, including fabricated metal products, industrial machinery and equipment, computer and office equipment, transportation products, and rubber and plastic products.

Market Mid-market manufacturers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, engaged in engineer-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed mode operations.

Customers Made2Manage customer sites typically have 50 to 1000 employees and represent a range of manufacturing industries. These customers are either stand-alone businesses or divisions of larger firms. They fall primarily into five manufacturing sectors: fabricated metal products, industrial machinery and equipment, computer and office equipment, transportation products, and rubber and plastics.

E-business Strategy Made2Manage Systems develops, integrates, and deploys a full range of Web-based services specifically designed to enable mid-market manufacturers to make the important transition to e-business in a seamless and cost-effective manner. The Company's e-business Web sites include: and

· The M2MVIP Web site strengthens relationships with customers and suppliers. The site focuses on: customer care, commerce and collaboration. Using this site, manufacturers can find new supplies and equipment and engage customers and partners in the design of custom products.
· The site, M2MEXPERT incorporates Education and Knowledge Centers containing Made2Manage Time2Value tools, advanced distance learning offerings and other useful information resources to support manufacturers in their efforts to educate employees.

Developed using Microsoft technology and running on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, M2MEXPERT and M2MVIP are browser-accessible from remote locations and can be deployed quickly, providing users access to applications immediately without upgrading their local hardware.

Product Benefits The Made2Manage Enterprise Business System is designed to be the only business software needed by a mid-market manufacturer to effectively manage the entire organization, including customer order management, manufacturing resource planning and scheduling, materials management, decision support and data warehousing, and finance and accounting.

Through M2MEXPERT and M2MVIP, Made2Manage Systems provides mid-market manufacturers with an easily accessible, affordable vehicle for delivering e-business essentials, such as maintaining a strong back-office operation, integrating value chain applications and enhancing information exchange within organizations and between trading partners.

Distribution Made2Manage products and services are available directly from the Company or from a network of value-added resellers.


Jeff Tognoni, President and CEO
Kathy Kinder, Vice President, Finance and Administration
Ray Vallillo, Vice President, Services & Support
Jerry Staddon, Vice President, Development
Tom Millay, Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Software List
Software Name Classification
Made2Manage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Made2Manage Systems, Inc. and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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