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BatchMaster Software, Inc.

About the Company

BatchMaster Software, Inc., a division of eWorkplace Solutions, Inc., is developer of BatchMaster Enterprise, the most used manufacturing and distribution software application within the mid-market process manufacturing industry. With installations in over 20 countries, BatchMaster Software's manufacturing and eBusiness solutions are designed to be implemented stand-alone or tightly integrated with leading financial and accounting applications, from companies such as Microsoft, Sage, and SAP. BatchMaster Software provides services from product deployment to customer training to technical support to assure all customers can rapidly climb their learning curves to a new paradigm in organizational effectiveness. In choosing BatchMaster for your ERP needs you are choosing success.


Contact Information
Company Address: 24461, Ridge Route Drive,
Suite 210
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Country: United States
Company Phone: (949) 583 1646
Sales Phone:  (949) 583 1646
Customer Support Phone: (949) 583 1646
Company Fax:
Company Web Page:
Company email:
Company Background
Business Since: 1980
No. of Employees: 101-500
Entity Type: Privately Owned
Awards, Recognitions and Certifications
Microsoft Gold Partners
Additional Information
The Costing module provides sophisticated, precise calculations based on all factors that affect product cost - including labor, overhead, loss, and more. It will reformulate mixtures to meet desired target costs, and generate detailed analyses of all types of cost-related data instantly! With BatchMaster, you can rely upon advanced tools, coupled with a disciplined methodology, to closely monitor and control your costs, without sacrificing quality.
Make decisions on prices for end items to assure profitability given fluctuations in sub-formulas

Product cost analysis to evaluate each formula in different sizes or containers

Batch-sizing based upon cost, size or density or costs per unit weight or unit volume

Roll-up intermediates to update sub-formula costs in overall costs using Last, Standard or Average costs

Update labor and overhead

Adjust for formula loss to increase accuracy in costing, matching against historical yields

Update finished goods to reflect changes in inventory materials costs using Last, Standard, Average or Base Cost or Market Price

Change weight of formula in finished goods

Rely upon reports for detailed product cost, formula cost summary and product cost analysis to compare costs for finished goods in different sized containers

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At the heart of your Product Development Lab is your ability to design and manage all your formulas. You need an audit trail on your experimentation to take the mystery out of success and make it repeatable. BatchMaster supports multi-level formulas and easy material substitutions. Experimentation with new formulas should be just as easy as the maintenance of your tried-and-true formulas. BatchMaster is formula- and not BOM-based, with ingredients added by prescribed proportions measured by either volume or weight.
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Unlimited inventory materials, intermediates, units of measure

Unlimited manufacturing instructions

Formula revision history

"Where - used" capability by material, formula or QC control

Size by weight, volume or physical property

Material substitutions, if necessary

"What-if" analyses by formula/product container cost or physical property

Reformulation by target value of physical property or yield

Yield analysis capabilities

By/Co- products calculations

Loss factors by ingredient

Weight, volume, density of materials

Costs for materials, labor and overhead

Costing by Last, Standard or Average

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The Laboratory module brings the speed, power, and reliability of computerized formulation to your chemists and technicians. It reduces man-hours spent on tedious, error-prone manual calculations and delivers a wealth of useful information quickly and accurately. The module is flexible enough to meet your specific needs, no matter what types of products you manufacture. Raw material specifications and formula physical properties are user-definable, so BatchMaster can perform calculations exactly the way you are accustomed to using them.
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Develop new formulas with new physical properties

Assess new formulas impacts on production

Modify formulas for multiple uses

Assign different units of measure

Examine lead times

Assess markup factors

Assign loss factors and constants

Size formulas

Assign costs

Make physical property comparisons

Update intermediate properties

Conduct physical property searches for "global" replacement

Distinguish between critical characteristics

Output reports on formula materials and physical properties

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Inventory Management

One of your highest priorities is managing your inventory effectively. Process manufacturers must accurately characterize all items they carry in inventory, keep track of their locations, maintain appropriate stock levels for all critical items, and be able to immediately supplement depleted stocks if a sales opportunity warrants. BatchMaster provides the controls and confidence necessary to reduce material inventory. Inventories can be valued using standard, average, LIFO, FIFO, or lot cost.

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Define inventory by item type, price group

Define inventory by using multiple units of measure

Define inventory by location, cost, lot or serial tracking

Manage inventory by order method, which includes: MRP, MPS, or Re-Order Point

Define the physical properties of any raw material

Define QC parameters and methodology for any Inventory Items received

Establish list of items which can be substituted for unavailable inventory items

Perform inventory warehouse transfers and moves

Perform physical count by taking full inventory or by cycle counting

Generate key inventory reports such as Inventory Valuation, Analysis and Transaction Activity

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Materials Planning

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) offer calendar creation, flexible demand ranges for forecasting, batch allocation, grouping of orders for processing together, and more. MPS enables strategic long-term planning to support projected sales. BatchMaster automates the placing of purchase and production orders, so that an item planned in January can have its raw materials purchased in May and not enter production until June.
Provide more accurate capacity planning or time required as the production of a higher level item is adjusted

Use generic products and planning models to forecast and plan capacity at either product family or product level

User-defined planning buckets allow you to establish up to short, medium and long range planning horizons in days, weeks, months, years or any combination

Packaging requirements and production job outputs are pegged to each order promise to allow instant visibility of customer specific requirements

Determine "what-if" scenarios to compare actual demand to existing plans and make adjustments

Evaluate and compare an unlimited number of alternative schedule versions and identify shortfalls

Assess the impact of producing products using different specifications, plants or even process lines

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Compliance Reporting

Both your company's reputation and the extent of its liability are dictated by your products' compliance with specifications. You want to satisfy your consumers' expectations without doing them any harm. The MSDS/Compliance module has powerful features that will automatically generate Material Safety Data Sheets in full compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, SARA Title III, ANSI, and virtually all similar government reporting requirements. This module is designed to accommodate any required changes to meet new regulations immediately, without the need for a program update. The output MSDS is created as a Microsoft Word document.
New MSDS and labels automatically generated upon formula change

Customizable MSDS templates with boilerplate for labels

MSDS generation according to customer requirements, formula, finished good or raw materials type

"SARA" (Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act) processing for year-end or other defined periods

Reports on Boilerplate groups, Material Safety Information, Customer History and more

Evaluate and compare an unlimited number of alternative schedule versions and identify shortfalls

HACCP & FDA Bio Terrorism Act Compliance

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Sales Order Entry

The Order Entry module provides tremendous versatility, control, and power over sales and order entry policies. Individual pricing strategies are clearly defined for each customer based on data from your own records. BatchMaster Sales Order Entry allows you to enter sales orders as you take them. Sales orders can be entered ad hock or by using a sales template that was previously associated to the customer. Background information about the material, customer or previous transactions is easily obtained through the click of a button.
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Orders can be entered using any defined weight or volume for the material. Printed forms such as the sales order acknowledgment or the invoice can have customer item names for the items.

Capabilities -- Time Production Status for accurate estimates of production capabilities, Formula Production Status to produce a given item, Inventory Commitment status reports

Customer Specifics -- Customer Order History for a given item, unlimited Ship-To Addresses for every Customer, default Tax Rates, Revenue records by Customer or Inventory Item, Sales Contracts already in place by Cost or Quantity

Pricing -- Orders may be entered in one unit of measure but priced in another, access to dynamic Pricing Matrices including structures for Quantity, Dollar and Percentage Discounts by Customer by Item, by Customer by Price Group and by Customer Class by Price Group, Promotional Pricing and Rebates

Order Tracking -- Order Acknowledgement, Bills of Lading for Sales Orders and Warehouse Transfers, Packing Slips for Shipments, Pick Tickets and Bills of Lading

Order Management -- Pick Lists for warehouse personnel, Alternate Items which can be specified when the original item is not available

Order Administration -- Sales Requisitions, Quotations and Invoices

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The BatchMaster Production module was designed specifically to enhance operating efficiency of process manufacturers. Its powerful yet flexible features expedite scheduling, simplify batch sizing, and generate real-time information faster and easier than ever before. Being specially designed for the process manufacturing industry, BatchMaster Production leaves no gaps between the software and actual operations. BatchMaster Production's Batch creation screen creates batches generating one or more final products. The batch can be assigned to a specific work center and scheduled to the day and time it is expected to run. BatchMaster supports advanced batch models such as SuperBatch™ and Runs. SuperBatch allows for multiple steps of a single batch to be contained in a single SuperBatch object. Runs allows for large all day batches to be separated into individual executable pieces.
Control the status and use of raw materials

Initiate full or partial closing of batch tickets, manage complex breakout batches

Rapidly navigate between batch entry (creation), batch ticket (adjustment) and batch close

Maintain centralized batch information, starting and due dates, locations, customer information, sales order and batch properties

Use Item Location to view status and availability of Raw Materials

Close Batch for partials for urgent shipments

Batch Sizing Wizard to support batch sizing by weight, volume, physical property, available materials, quantity of specified material(s), inventory breakouts or anticipated yields

Ability to initiate full or partial closing of batch tickets, manage complex breakout batches

Maintenance of centralized batch information, starting and due dates, locations, customer information, sales order and batch properties

Flexibility in inventory handling to allocate materials according to what's available, even if already committed

Item Location function to view status and availability of inventory items

SuperBatch™ creates a batch and its intermediates (which are themselves "batches") in a single operation, with
top-down management of sub-batches

BOM Substitution at Batch Close for different size containers and BOM Sizing options to match to shipping obligations

A number of management reports including: Critical Materials to flag shortages, Expiration Date to assure materials are viable and Material-Where-Used to show where specific materials are used in all formulas

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BatchMaster Purchasing functionality provides sophisticated management and organization to your purchasing operations. Purchase order processing simplifies item and vendor selection, reducing costly errors and increasing productivity while providing management with information required in making intelligent decisions. The entire purchasing process is supported, from securing quotations to placing orders to receiving and issuing vouchers for incoming materials.
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BatchMaster interfaces seamlessly with accounting partner software, automatically posting inputs to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger.

Access to real-time status of production history, contract history, discounts, alternate items and tax information

Ability to create purchase requisitions for any critical materials required by a production batch

Ability to enter Purchase Orders in one unit of measure while providing pricing in another unit of measure

Ability to automatically generate Purchase Orders by Re-Order Point ("ROP"), Economic Order Quantity ("EOQ"), Material Requirements Planning ("MRP") or Master Production Scheduling ("MPS")

Support for purchase on demand for make-to-order

Access to Purchase Contracts and Vendor Price Concessions

Access to full tracking to assess Vendor Performance

Ability to generate reports on critical materials, expected delivery and open Purchase Orders

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Quality Control

BatchMaster's Quality Control facilities are versatile and offer support for every phase of your operations, from receipt and acceptance of raw materials, through production of intermediates, to inspections of finished goods before shipment to customers. QC can be provided for materials at purchase receipt, production or sales shipment. Consistent quality is what your customers expect.

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QC characteristics definition and desired test results with test creation

Specify target values, control limits and maximum allowable defects

Separate QC options for Sales (outgoing) and Purchasing (incoming)

Order/Post Inventory testing

Inspection without tracking (sampling)

Critical reports for Formula Test, Production output, down to Item Test

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Bill of Materials

A large amount of the work need to be done in Process Manufacturing is in combining, mixing and preparing (e.g., heating, pressurizing) combinations of raw materials and intermediates. Towards the end of the production process is the "packaging" of your production output, into forms of use for customers, and often in a manner to accommodate Sales with promotional packaging. You need a great deal of versatility at this BOM stage, especially with consumer products, where in which packaging provides the "sizzle." Also, when providing materials to customers that they then remanufacture, your containers must be effective yet low in cost.
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Containers of all varieties, bottles, caps and labels to boxes and buckets and lids to cartons and pallets

Create a BOM defined in terms of component items

Mix formulas into a BOM, assembling or filling a container with the finished good

Define the BOM in terms of overhead cost, fill level, measurement method, assembly method

Explode a BOM from a Finished Good backwards in a tree structure with filters to define any number of levels

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Capacity Planning

The fundamental basis for your decision-making is available capacity. Successful companies are those that carefully manage their capacity and make effective scheduling decisions. BatchMaster Enterprise Master Production Scheduling ("MPS") provides rough-cut capacity planning, allowing you to compare projected resource requirements to available resources and process constraints. You can examine all critical resource groups, including equipment, storage and labor and compare alternative scheduling scenarios. Rough-cut capacity planning considers resource calendars, projected production line throughput rates and planned downtime to compare planned usage against projected available capacity. You will quickly spot idle capacity along with process bottlenecks to guide you in better balancing your resource utilization.
Capacity constraints can be assigned at machine, group, department or plant level

You can smooth schedule and override adjustments

You can view effects on utilization of such as labor, equipment or storage

You can optimize the resource plan and spawn a series of production jobs to load your facilities

Process Cell Module provides snapshots of commitments against a time line

You can adjust schedules for each process cell for a given batch ticket to schedule multiple batches


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BatchMaster Enterprise Manufacturing

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