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SouthWare Excellence Series

By SouthWare Innovations, Inc.

Current Version: 2012
Product Description  


Fully integrated family of business software for your accounting and related processes. The features have been refined over the years to handle the most challenging needs of thousands of businesses. SouthWare® products are easily scaled from small to large systems so your business will not outgrow your software. The Series is also built using a uniquely portable technology that lets you choose from Windows or Linux operating system platforms.

Accounts Payable
Cash planning, checks, vendor analysis

Accounts Receivable
Open item/balance forward, statements, aging, optional collections/invoicing

A/R Invoicing Adapter
Interactive invoice, auto-update to A/R files, detailed statements, batch invoice option, EOD sales register

Collections Adapter
Collection call entry/scheduling, integration with A/R, report of calls, credit hold for account problems

General Ledger
Flexible structure, financial statements, budget

Exception oriented, checks, W-2’s, direct deposit

Job Cost
Contractor or job shop

Fixed Assets
Flexible methods, minimal data entry

Cash Flow Ledger
Bank account cash history/inquiry

Comprehensive line of modules for your inventory-related operations. Sophisticated Inventory Control includes tracking numbers (serial/lot/etc.), various costing methods, multi-location flexibility and many related capabilities to help you manage inventory levels and information. Purchasing features help you buy what you need, when you need it, and at the right price. You can track the assembly of items from inventory, returns to vendors and returns from customers. Sales options include Point of Sale, Order Entry (and related shipping processes) and Rentals. Plus, powerful management tools ensure that you always know where you stand in reaching your goals for profitability and service.

Inventory Control
Multi-location, tracking numbers

Point of Sale
Customized entry, bar code, cash drawer, optional customer information

Order Entry
Back orders, drop ships, special orders, quotes, picking tickets

Auto or manual, extensive controls, vendor analysis

Return Authorization
Comprehensive return records, up-to-the-minute info, simplified creation of vendor returns/customer returns

Assembly Work Orders
Make-to-order/make-to-stock, multi-level bills

Rental Department
Rental scheduling, tracking, and billing functions

Shipping Interface
Box info for line items, interface to shipper software

Complete service management system with specialized service functions and unique integration with accounting, inventory control, sales processing, and customer relationship software. You combine the modules you need for seamless dispatching, scheduling, billing, contracts, equipment repair history, warranty information, return authorizations, technician tracking, and other service functions.

Service Orders
Entry, dispatching, forms, auto-generated, multiple pricing options

Service Invoicing
Integrated billing for all service and contract work

Contract Management
Flexible coverage, generate bills, multiple pricing options

Equipment Servicing
Customer equipment records, preventive schedules, meter readings

Match your people’s needs by configuring menus, menu styles, security, hardware, links to office tools, custom views, etc.

Provides for integration with Electronic Document trading, including XML.

SouthWare NetLinkTM
Give your partners controlled browser-based access via the Internet to review and update your business data.

Combines the vital functions of task management, relationship management, exception management, and information sharing into a single company-wide system that integrates with your financial data!

Output your data to customized reports or to files for use with other software.

ImportMate IITM
Import data from other files with powerful filtering and unique validations.

Extended DataTM
Add new data fields to standard files. Create prompts/defaults, add new search keys to master files and create simple, stand-alone databases.

Set excellence goals, grade your progress, and train your people to excel.

ExecuMate II
Get instant management views of the financial health and activity of your business.

International Transactions
Record, track, and report multi-currency transactions involving international trading partners while maintaining your dollar-based internal records.

SouthWare WorkFlowTM
Create customized program changes for your unique needs while remaining compatible with the standard version.

SouthWare FormsTM
Tailor your forms to fit your needs.

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) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor SouthWare Innovations, Inc. and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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