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Schedule-HR Plus

By Schedule-HR Software Technologies

Current Version: v8.5 
Product Description  


Schedule-HR Plus: is a configurable solution that can be installed within a single department, an entire entity, or across a multi-facility enterprise. This single application solves problems from the highly developed intellectual staffing requirements, to the dynamic, up-to-the-minute needs for the Scheduler. It allows the scheduler or manager to schedule any number of employees and unlimited assignments in the most complex environment. Schedule-HR’s staff scheduling products is an essential tool for managing staff & labor costs in all organizations, including a 24-hour operation, 365 days a year.

The competitive advantage that you gain from using Schedule-HR Plus will help you adapt to change more easily, and balance labor costs versus service. In summary, Schedule-HR Plus is a unique staff scheduling solution that will make your staff scheduling headaches a thing of the past. It is also extend-able by adding our plug-in plus modules.

Schedule-HR Pager Module: Schedule-HR Power Pager module, which is now included free of charge with the purchase of Schedule-HR Lite or Plus, is a 32-bit Windows function that allows you to send Alphanumeric (full text) messages and beeper messages to pagers. This is fully integrated into Schedule-HR Lite & Plus and within the schedule, with the power of paging to several pagers easily with a single call. You could use Schedule-HR Power Pager to Send Time-critical information, Notify our personnel of a warning, send alerts or reminder notes. (Wake up calls), Send scheduling or meeting notices and requests.

Schedule-HR Employee Availability Module: At a time when organizations are competing for scarce labor resources, scheduling applications that can take employee preferences into consideration contribute to employee satisfaction by mapping their availability to business demand. Automatic Cutoff Day setting which locks employees out of entering availability or warns supervisors of such but can be overridden. A “time slider” control which speeds up the entry of dates and times into the employee’s availability weekly template or modifying the individual days. Employee Availability "Templates", employee can define their regular weekly availability pattern to setup default values in their availability records. This will increase ease & accuracy of employee’s availability records and comes with all versions.

The Incident tracking and reporting features are used to track, record, and report on complaints, warnings, compliments and safety statistics and incident management, (accidents, injury, etc.)

The Evaluation function allows you to track employees regarding how their current and past performance and behavior is impacting the company and their ability to be a successful contributor in the future.

Schedule-HR Plus security features ensure that users can only access data for which their ID is authorized for. You can set security at an unlimited user defined group levels, as well as at the menu-item level, and you can define security access to specific menu-items and right down to field displays of no display or read-only display on screen forms throughout the program.

Schedule-HR Plus comes with administrative features such as Activity Tracking, Audit Trail, Error Handling, Data Backups and Re-index / Pack Tables Utility. This utility allows users of Schedule-HR Plus to recreate indexes if they become corrupt. The utility uses the index information stored in the Index table to recreate indexes. Users can also use the utility to pack tables to remove any records marked for deletion and to pack memo fields.

Management level reports are available to help distil your data to a presentable form for all purposes. The data that creates each Schedule-HR report is available for export into many electronic formats including HTML, Excel and Word. Each organization can further manipulate the data to produce customer-specific reports, charts or even email the HTML reports. All reports inherit the systems security features, the user is free to navigate to any report as usual, but security is checked when the report is run, to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Schedule-HR Plus also has a Special Events feature that is used to staff an event that requires special staff scheduling, such as a holiday where the city is putting on some special events. You can setup the requirements and reuse them as needed just by changing the date of the event. These special events can be pre-defined and will automatically create the extra assignments when creating a new schedule or they can be implemented on-the-fly at any time.

Contact Information
Support: phone: 778-753-1163
Sales & Marketing: phone: 778-753-1163
Target Customer Profile:  
Schedule-HR Plus is a configurable solution that can be installed within a single department, an entire entity, or across a multi-facility enterprise. This single application solves problems from the highly developed intellectual staffing requirements, to the dynamic, up-to-the-minute needs for the Scheduler. It allows the scheduler or manager to schedule any number of employees and unlimited assignments in the most complex environment at an affordable price. It is extend-able by adding our plug-in plus modules.
Download/Demo Available: Yes 
Average Price:   $2,000-4,999
(based on a single location: 1-5 users)
Target Business Size:   Medium ($1 - $25 million Revenue)
No. Installations: <25
Target Country(s):
United States
Target Industry(s): (Horizontal)
Certification Program: Yes
Implementation Services: Not Required
Avg. Implementation Period: 1-4 Weeks
Support Services: Context Sensitive Help within System
On-site Consulting
Person to Person Phone Support
ASP/Hosted Solution: No
Client Operating
Windows ME
Windows NT Workstation
Windows 2000
Windows XP
WIN 95
WIN 98
Server Operating
Windows 2000
Windows NT
Windows XP
Development Tools: Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Database(s) Supported: Microsoft Visual Fox Pro
User Interface: Windows
Customization: Yes
Industry Standards
ODBC Compliant
OLE 2/ActiveX Compliant
Business Functionality
General Classification: Human Resource
Other: Human Resource Staff Scheduling
Functionality: Other: Time & Attendance
System Independence: Stand-a-Lone
Additional Information:  

#1 Sophisticated Automatic Scheduling Solution

The most outstanding unique feature of our schedule-HR products is that the schedule is generated using our core built-in Automatic Intelligent-Staffing engine, and is capable of automating up to 100% of the schedule creation process, depending on the contract rule requirements, skill requirements, assignment qualifications and available resources.

Availability Tracking
Our products also incorporate a built-in availability tracking system along with an employee fairness option for the client to ensure fair and efficient use of qualified personnel. The schedule is filled using a unique optimizing algorithm that fills open shifts in a manner to ensure the most qualified resources are available on days that there are not many resources available.

These unique features translate directly to fewer grievances, a better working environment and a more efficient automatic filling of open shifts. Manual adjustments to a generated schedule can also inherit these unique algorithms.

Schedule-HR has made a name for themselves in the EMS and Public Safety community by focusing our initial product on the unique challenges of these entities scheduling requirements. They use Schedule-HR to handle the complex job of scheduling and deploying staff members twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24x7).

Incident Tracking
The incident management tracking and reporting function allows your supervisors and managers to report incidents and to monitor progress on the work on the problem. One of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals in a union environment is tracking and staying on top of complaints, disciplinary actions, disputes and grievances.

Performance Evaluation
The Performance Evaluation form includes key evaluation areas and provides a consistent framework used to measure all employees. The format also reinforces the importance of the employee having goals and objectives for the next review period.

Schedule Shift Bidding
Employee can bid on preferred shifts or has the capability to automatically assign those shifts to the first person who picks them based on sonority or any other custom predefined list.

PTO or Vacation Bidding
Employees can access this feature to choose preferred vacation dates. List of eligible employees can be based on seniority or a custom predefined list.

Order Risk Free!
30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.
We believe our Schedule-HR products are outstanding dynamic value that, over time, they will greatly benefit anyone who uses them. And we are so confident our customers will agree, that our products come with an absolutely "Unconditional" 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee! That's right, you have 1 month to decide if YOU are satisfied.

Let's face it, if a company doesn't have enough faith in their products to offer an "unconditional" guarantee, why should you bear all the risk?

So place your "Risk-Free" order for Schedule-HR Plus Today!
Call 1-250-448-5197 to place your order or visit our website at

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) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Schedule-HR Software Technologies and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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