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Schedule-HR Lite

By Schedule-HR Software Technologies

Current Version: v2.2 
Product Description  


Schedule-HR Lite is intended for use by individual corporate entities with departments or single department facilities. It allows the scheduler or manager hundreds of employees and unlimited assignments in complex environments at an affordable price. Schedule-HR will guarantee that it works for you or you pay nothing. All Schedule-HR's products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. This trimmed down version of this Lite product gives you all of the core functionality from Schedule-HR Plus version, some advanced features have been removed to simplify this product at a reduced price.

Starting at only $895.00 for a single-user, Schedule-HR Lite is one of the most affordable and reliable professional scheduling solutions available. A cost-effective solution for the basic scheduling needs.

The most outstanding unique feature of our scheduling products is that the schedule is generated using our core built-in Automatic Intelligent-Staffing engine, and is capable of automating up to 100% of the schedule creation process, depending on the contract rule requirements, skill requirements, assignment qualifications and available resources. Our products also incorporate a built-in availability tracking system along with an employee fairness option for the client to ensure fair and efficient use of qualified personnel. The schedule is filled using a unique optimizing algorithm that fills open shifts in a manner to ensure the most qualified people are available on days where they are needed. These unique features translate directly to fewer grievances, a better working environment and a more efficient automatic filling of open shifts. Manual adjustments to a generated schedule can also inherit these unique algorithms.

Schedule-HR Lite security features comes with 3 pre-defined user levels, Administrator with full access to all, Scheduler with access to schedule related items and a Guest access which can be used for employees to enter their availability and view the schedule only with all schedule modifications disabled.

Management level reports are available to help distill your data to a presentable form for all purposes. The data that creates each Schedule-HR report is available for export into many electronic formats; each organization can further manipulate the data to produce customer-specific reports and charts as well.

Schedule-HR Pager Module: Schedule-HR Power Pager module, which is now included free of charge with the purchase of Schedule-HR Lite, is a 32-bit Windows function that allows you to send Alphanumeric (full text) messages and beeper messages to pagers. This is fully integrated into Schedule-HR Plus and within the schedule, with the power of paging to several pagers easily with a single call. You could use Schedule-HR Power Pager to Send Time-critical information, Notify our personnel of a warning, send alerts or reminder notes. (Wake up calls), Send scheduling or meeting notices and requests.

Schedule-HR Employee Availability Module: At a time when organizations are competing for scarce labor resources, scheduling applications that can take employee preferences into consideration contribute to employee satisfaction by mapping their availability to business demand. Automatic Cutoff Day setting which locks employees out of entering availability or warns supervisors of such but can be overridden. A “time slider” control which speeds up the entry of dates and times into the employee’s availability weekly template or modifying the individual days. Employee Availability "Templates", employee can define their regular weekly availability pattern to setup default values in their availability records. This will increase ease & accuracy of employee’s availability records and comes with all versions.

Schedule-HR Lite is an ideal solution to the complex scheduling requirements faced daily by organizations of all sizes. Utilizing user-defined data loads, Schedule-HR Plus can generate schedules in minutes.

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