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By Greenshades Software

Current Version: 3.9
Product Description  


Mag.NET is Greenshades’ flagship product and is the ideal representation of how Greenshades can apply its thought leadership in payroll to adding real value to a corporate payroll package. Mag.NET automatically extracts your payroll information and uses it to produce an electronic payroll report. These payroll reports may be used in order to fulfill tax or magnetic media requirements. Mag.NET is the current version of Greenshades’ electronic reporting program and is the flagship of our product line. Mag.NET will connect to your company’s accounting solution, locate relevant financial data, format it appropriately and produce any of a wide array of eFiles. These reports can then be submitted to the desired agency. For users who have the need to make edits to their payroll data or want to have a closer look at the information going into the file, Mag.NET also comes with a full featured editor mode. This editor will give users an editable spreadsheet that has an employee-by-employee breakdown of the data being reported on diskette or over the internet. In addition to the electronic file itself, Mag.NET will produce a report detailing all of the bottom line figures that can be found within the file, various calculations and totals from your payroll data, collected information about the agency to whom you are filing, and other useful information. Between hunting down specific payroll information within your package, keeping up to date on the exact specifications of many different payroll files, and producing a report along with an abundance of helpful information, Mag.NET clearly contains a powerful set of features. However, the spirit of Mag.NET is in taking a complicated reporting process and making it as simple as possible. To this end, Mag.NET is an easy-to-use wizard that carefully guides users through the steps needed to create electronic reports from your payroll data.

Contact Information
Support: phone: 904-807-0160x2
Sales & Marketing: phone: 904-807-0160x2
Target Customer Profile:  

Download/Demo Available: No
Average Price:   Not Available (based on a single location: 1-5 users)
Target Business Size:   Medium ($1 - $25 million Revenue)
No. Installations: Not Available
Target Country(s):
United States
Target Industry(s): (Horizontal)
Certification Program: No
Implementation Services: Not Required
Avg. Implementation Period: 0-5 days
Support Services: Email
Person to Person Phone Support
Printed Manuals
ASP/Hosted Solution: No
Client Operating
Windows ME
Windows NT Workstation
Windows 2000
Windows XP
WIN 98
Server Operating
Not Applicable
Development Tools: Dexterity
Microsoft C#
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Database(s) Supported: Btrieve
Microsoft SQL Server
User Interface: Windows
Customization: Yes
Industry Standards
Business Functionality
General Classification: Taxes - Payroll & 1099
System Independence: Stand-a-Lone
Additional Information:  

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Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) Mid-Range Accounting
Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) Mid-Range Accounting
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Note: The vendor profile above for (Mag.NET
) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Greenshades Software and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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