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Halogen e360

By Halogen Software Inc.

Current Version: 5.2
Product Description  


Halogen e360 is a sophisticated web-based 360-degree feedback software for self-assessment that streamlines the multi-rater process.

It's a simple approach to employee 360 assessment & employee performance management that significantly reduces resource demands. Creating an evaluation, monitoring the process, and generating reports are all as easy as point and click. Participating is equally simple. In fact, with Halogen e360 feedback & assessment software, the whole evaluation process is much less time consuming and the results much more authentic.

Halogen e360 makes collecting employee assessments easier, effective and cost efficient. A solution you can implement on your site - or have hosted by Halogen.

Halogen e360 Feature Highlights:

- Completely web-based
- Design evaluations with no prior technical experience
- Create your own questions and save them for future use
- Design evaluations with your corporate look and feel
- Rank (matrix) and open text question types
- Complete confidentiality with passwords
- Multi page reviews
- Hierarchical reports
- Import evaluation participants from delimited text files, LDAP
- Optional subject selection of evaluators
- Optional manager approval of selected evaluators
- Sophisticated automated notification and reminder notices to the evaluators to complete the evaluation, manager to approve, etc.
- Evaluator decline capability
- Save and resume evaluation capabilities
- Fully customizable views for managers, evaluators, subjects and system administrator
- Real-time monitoring of status by evaluator, subject or system administrator
- Import responses from delimited text files
- Instant graphical reports for web or print
- Export responses to text files
- Optional pre-establishment of managers by HR
- Relating responses for two questions
- Tabular format category details report
- Ability to show originator group of textual responses
- Optional removal of anonymity

Halogen e360 benefits include:

Benefits for HR administrator
- Reduces your administration time and effort by automating evaluator notifications, approval notices, reminder notices and report distribution
- Eliminates any 360 instrument creation frustration by providing an intuitive user interface, customizable look and feel and instrument library functionality
- Decreases your time spent preparing 360 progress status reports by providing real time status monitoring
- Avoids you being tied to a specific 360 methodology by providing implementation variations such as optional pre-establishment of managers by HR, optional subject selection of evaluators, optional manager approval of selected subjects, etc.

Benefits for evaluators
- Reduces your time to complete evaluations as a result of an intuitive user interface
- Prevents you from needing to restart incomplete evaluations each time by having save and resume functionality
- Ensures your reviews are completed on time by automatically reminding you of deadlines
- Enables you to write reviews outside the office environment via access through an internet browser

Benefits for individual being evaluated (subject)
- Provides you with current, actionable information by performing the 360 review process in a timely manner
- Enables you to review your reports outside the office environment via access through an internet browser

Benefits for Organization
- Minimizes costs associated with external 360 consultants
- Reduces time and effort for subjects, evaluators and HR
- Improves review participation, quality and content
- Optimizes training investment through accurate identification of training needs as a result of honest performance feedback encouraged by sophisticated anonymity functionality
- Enhances security control by providing password level security

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) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Halogen Software Inc. and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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