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ExactShip Enterprise Server

By ExactShip

Current Version: 
Product Description  


This state of the art Enterprise Server is built using Microsoft .NET Framework and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to provide a highly scalable, extremely efficient system.

Whether you are shipping one package a day or millions, our product will handle your needs. Exactship offers a smart client architecture with ClickOnce installation and Auto Update to reduce the time to deploy and maintain the system.

ExactShip Enterprise Server has all the scalability and ease of use that you could want from a shipping solution.

Having the Enterprise Server means you will have your very own sliced server hosted by us, choosing the Enterprise Server gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment was a good one.

Whether you require a hosted system or a local internal server, ExactShip’s client server technology allows either configuration.

Our business rule engine allows you to configure your system easily to meet your business requirements while our integration mapping tool makes it easy to seamlessly move information between your business system and our application.

ExactShip's Enterprise Server reduces your total cost of ownership. We reduce your implementation cost as well as your ongoing maintenance costs. Consolidate all your shipping activities into a single product suite.

We increase your department 's efficiency by boosting productivity and simplifying the entire supply chain process.

Reduce and even eliminate errors by taking advantage of our embedded automation, simple integration, and powerful business rules engine. Ensure your shipping rules are met on each and every shipment.

Contact Information
Support: phone: +1 (414) 327-1287
Sales & Marketing: phone: +1 (414) 327-1287
Target Customer Profile:  
Integrators, Microsoft Dynamics User Groups, Shipping Stations, SaaS Enthusiasts, Large and small shipment companies.
Download/Demo Available: Yes 
Average Price:   Monthly Rate
(based on a single location: 1-5 users)
Target Business Size:   Medium ($1 - $25 million Revenue)
No. Installations: 26-50
Target Country(s):
United States
Target Industry(s): Wholesale & Distribution
Certification Program: No
Implementation Services: Recommended
Avg. Implementation Period: 0-5 days
Support Services: Bulletin Board
Knowledge Base - CD
Knowledge Base - Internet
On-site Consulting
Person to Person Phone Support
Printed Manuals
ASP/Hosted Solution: Yes
Client Operating
IE Explorer
Fire Fox/Other Browsers
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Server Operating
MS Internet Information Server
Windows 2000
Windows 2003
Windows XP
Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Database(s) Supported: Microsoft SQL Server
User Interface: Windows
Pocket PC
Web Browser
Customization: Yes
Industry Standards
Business Functionality
General Classification: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Checks & Forms Solutions
Customer Relationship Management
- Contact Management
- Sales Force Automation
Document Management
- E-Order
- Purchase Order Processing
- Returns
Sales Distribution
- Sales Force Management
- Sales Order Processing
- Sales Returns
- Shipping
Service Management
- Purchase Orders
Supply Chain Management
- Supply Chain Management
- Warehouse Management
System Independence: Stand-a-Lone
Additional Information:  

ExactShip is proud to announce its flagship product, a Multi-Carrier Shipping Engine Solution, ExactShip Enterprise. ExactShip Enterprise is built on the latest Microsoft technologies that scale well for a large enterprise.
As a large business enterprise with one or multiple locations you have very specialized shipping requirements. ExactShip delivers a robust server and flexible client interface that allows you to establish business rules for the entire company or individual customers. ExactShip Enterprise also easily interfaces with your legacy and ERP systems for accounting and standard internal business management.
Fuel surcharges, rate changes, shipper service updates are dynamically sent to the customer sites to keep their shipping systems up to date. This allows you to worry only with the work of shipping your products and not with keeping your software and shipping system current.
To schedule an informative online presentation please contact us today.
ExactShip, built on today’s technology to solve tomorrow’s business needs.

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Note: The vendor profile above for (ExactShip Enterprise Server
) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor ExactShip and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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