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Credenza Practice Management Software

By Credenza Software Inc.

Current Version:
Product Description  


Credenza adds practice management capabilities right into Microsoft Outlook.

Most professionals organize their work in files, with a separate file for each client or project. Many professionals also need to track their time. Credenza adds these capabilities seamlessly into Outlook. Relate any Outlook item to a file and track all billable time. Credenza also manages documents, research, phone calls and custom information relating to each file. Collaborate and share information in a team with up to 200 users.

Credenza expands Outlook by adding dimensions that professionals need to manage their practices more effectively.

- Open a file in Outlook for each client, matter, project or case you work on
- Organize in that file all related Outlook emails, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes
- See all your documents on the file
- Keep time entries for your billable time
- Make notes of phone calls
- Track web-based research or information
- Keep track of whatever other information you want on each file using custom fields
- See a complete chronology
- Everywhere in Outlook you can see the file that items relate to
- Practice management utilities and reports
- Automated inbox controls
- Share information with an assistant, colleague or an entire firm

Credenza helps professionals be better organized, allowing them to be much more on top of a professional practice with it, compared to working with just Outlook.

And the key thing is, it works as part of Outlook, so professionals retain all the benefits and depth of Outlook, and don’t have to change anything they are now doing.

For those who bill for their time, Credenza makes it easy to do time entries as they work. For example:
- Bill for emails or phone calls with a click
- Know at a glance which emails have been billed
- Get a time entry when you mark a task done
- Send time entries electronically to your accounting program

All within familiar Outlook.

Credenza can be a personal organizer for a professional, or a multi-user practice management system for an entire firm. Information about a professional practice can be shared with one or more other Credenza users, while personal information in Outlook remains private. Everything on files is shared with those assigned to them, including emails and documents, so that professionals can work together more effectively. An assistant can manage someone’s calendar, tasks can be assigned between colleagues, phone messages taken and much more.

Credenza teams can be any combination of people who work together: a professional and assistant, two partners, a workgroup or an entire firm of hundreds of people. Team members do not have to be in the same office – they can be anywhere in the world, as long as they can connect to the Internet.

Credenza is available as a quick easy download, and can be tried for free. After that it is licensed for an extremely low monthly subscription that includes unlimited email tech support.

Contact Information
Support: phone:
Sales & Marketing: phone:
Target Customer Profile:  
Designed for all professionals who need to be able to record their information around client files, Credenza is ideal for accountants, lawyers, consultants, architects, engineers, and more. It fits seamlessly within Outlook, adding the tools that professionals need to be more productive, without taking away any of the features they are accustomed to in Outlook.
Download/Demo Available: Yes 
Average Price:   Monthly Rate
(based on a single location: 1-5 users)
Target Business Size:   Small ($0 - $1 million Revenue)
No. Installations: 500-1,000
Target Country(s):
Target Industry(s): Accounting, Legal & Professional Services
Certification Program: No
Implementation Services: Not Required
Avg. Implementation Period: 0-5 days
Support Services: Bulletin Board
Context Sensitive Help within System
Knowledge Base - Internet
ASP/Hosted Solution: No
Client Operating
Windows XP
Other: plus Windows Vista & Windows 7
Server Operating
Windows XP
Other: plus Windows Vista & Windows 7
Development Tools: Microsoft C#
Other: Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft .NET Framework Win Forms, Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, XML, .NET Services, Windows Azure
Database(s) Supported: Microsoft SQL Server
User Interface: Windows
Customization: Yes
Industry Standards
Not Available
Business Functionality
General Classification: Practice Management
Contact Management
- Contact Management
Customer Relationship Management
- Activity Scheduling
- Contact Management
- Email Integration
- Marketing Management
Document Management
- Document Management
Practice Management
- Engagement Tracking
- Records Management
- Time & Billing Integration
Project Management
- Project Management
Time and Billing
- Job Tracking
- Time Entry
System Independence: Add-on
Additional Information:  

Credenza works as part of Microsoft Outlook. Credenza supports Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.
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Note: The vendor profile above for (Credenza Practice Management Software
) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Credenza Software Inc. and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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