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Auto Management Automotive ERP

By Dhow Information Systems

Current Version: 2.3 
Product Description  


Key Features
1-Open Architecture with open DB, & powerful Development tools
2-Variety of Integrated systems
3-Bi-Lingual with English being the main.
4-Single point Data entry
5-Central Customer
Relations Management
6-Easy drill down queries using tools of your favorite.
7-Multi-Company, Location, Franchise and Currencies
8-Powerful Data Exchange Facilities.
9-Equipped with hundreds of ready made reports in two Languages
10-Powerful Security Module mining tools.

Maintains all kinds of
business in a single database!
Today’s biggest challenge is to
maintain various types of business in
a single database and system. Auto-
Management© allows you to fulfill
this. Auto-Management© is an
integrated solution for the
Automotive dealerships.
Auto-Management© provides you with
rich functionality, without
compromising on security. All available
options are tightly controlled &
integrated in the security module
Open Architecture.
Auto-Management© is designed using
an open architecture that supports
today’s leading technologies, to deliver
the best security, data integrity and
openness with external systems.
Auto-Management© supports both
leading data bases: Microsoft SQL
Server© as well as high end Oracle
Server©. You may choose to host the
System on either Windows based Server
or Linux Servers.
The choice remains with you. Choose
and you have the confidence that you
can start small and scale out as your
business grows, without paying for it
The front-end is designed using Power
Builder© which is the leading tool for
developing cutting-edge business
Variety of Integrated
Auto-Management©, is composed of
many subsystems. All these subsystems
are tightly integrated and share one data
base, thus forming an easy data base to
maintain and control from security point
of view.
Auto-Management© consists of :
(FMS): this is more than an accounting
system with all three basic modules,
General Ledger (GL), Accounts
Receivables (AR) and Accounts
Payable (AP). This system plays a key
role in the entire system by it’s
connectivity to all other systems in
Auto-Management ©
2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(VMS): to plan, order, receive, stock
and sell vehicles of any franchise such
as Heavy Equipment, Marine Machines
and Boats, Motor Cycle, etc.
SYSTEM (IMS): covers the planning of
items replenishment, ordering,
receiving, stocking and selling items.
(SMS): Complete, sophisticated and
rich in features system that manages
after-sales services. In this system you
may maintain your resources such as
mechanics, workshops, and stocks of
fast moving items. You may also
schedule the maintenance of vehicles
through an intelligent load balancing
and best utilization of your resources.
(RMS): Allows you to sell rental
service, maintain your fleet of vehicles
as well as you customer’s follow ups.
This ensures best utilization of your
fleet and time for better revenue. The
system allows dealing with both short
term and long term leasing of vehicles.
(CFS): A system that allows you to sell
products and support easy payment
schemes with a complete book-keeping
for your customers dues.
(AMS): A system to maintain
organization’s own assets. Manages
depreciation and allows upgrades,
deduction or writing off of Assets.
A small non personal payroll system. It
maintains all your organizations human
resources to be used in the various
systems. You may keep all employees’
bio data and refer to them or use them
for other sales or customer relations
follow ups. This can be integrated to an
external HR system for automation
(LMS): Asystem to handle your treasury
operations and keep you constently updated
on your cash/bank funding positions,
bank borrowings, payments and
interests. Detailed schedules and
Analysis could be derived from this
module for best utilization of you
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
SYSTEM (IMS): A system to trace all
your insurance policies that are sold.
Reports for renewal additions or
cancellations are available. You may
use this module to sell warranty or
promotion packages as well.
(PMS): A module that is linked to your
inventory and service modules to
provide a good project management
record for your services such as
construction maintenance or any similar
activity. It allows for amendments and
variations in your projects and
maintains tight link between various
stages, variations and amendments of
your projects.
In brief all above referred to modules
are fully integrated with each others and
at the same time integrated with the
finance system allowing a very accurate
book keeping.
Bi-Lingual System
Auto-Management© is a full Bi-
Lingual system. The main interface is
English as the primary language, while
you may translate the dictionary easily
to your own language. This allows you
to have a complete interface in your
own language just by choosing the
language you wish to use at the log-in
Single Point Data Entry
As a result of the complete integrity
between all modules, you will not need
to re-key-in data more than once. A
single entry point is enough, then the
data entered could be shared. This is
provided that you have the right access
to view or use the data entered by
somebody else.
Central Customer
Auto-Management© is built around a
central Customer data base. Yet the
customer could be treated as a sole
customer for each business unit, branch
or even company. Our CRM module
enables grouping of customers for a
global view to his total credit limit by
the top management of your
organization, and at the same time
allows each unit to treat the customer
individually thus maintaining his credit
Easy drill down
Auto-Management© comes already
with a good number of built-in queries
that all you need to run is to feed new
parameters and have a fresh reports.
However; as one feature of the
openness in the database, you may use
any querying or data mining tools to
navigate through the rich available data
in the data base. All this is based on you
access rights granted to you. Using such
tools enable you to easily produce your
own set of queries and reports, thus
avoiding the lengthy channels of
Information Services departments or
Vendors to produce specific reports.
Multi-Company, Branch,
Location, Franchise and
Currencies System
Auto-Management© is designed to
accommodate a multi environment
organization. A group of companies
under one management umbrella
scattered over many geographical areas,
with multiple branches dealing with
many franchise and using different
currencies require such system to all
this. Auto-Management© is the right
solution. While maintain integrity for
you business unit components, you may
produce integrated pictures of the total
business coverage, either horizontally or
Powerful Data
Exchange facilities
Auto-Management© enables you to
easily communicate with external databases,
data mining tools or even spread
sheets. This makes it easy to download
data from Auto-Management© to other
external files or data bases. It also
allows you to upload data in quick way
from external databases to Auto-
4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hundreds of Reports
Auto-Management© comes with almost
300 different reports covering the entire
systems suite. The reports are structured
under a separate main subtitle with
groups identifying the relevant modules.
These reports are in two languages in
few cases and based on the customer
requirements, others can be easily
translated in few simple clicks of
Also Report generating tools such as
Crystal Reports© and Business
Objects© could be used to build your
own universe and reports if still there is
a need.
Powerful Security
Auto-Management© is built within a
very powerful security module that
maintains data confidentiality, integrity
and places restriction to the areas of the
system where users will not be allowed
to view or deal with.
The security scope starts from the top
level of system to allow or prevent a
user from accessing more than what he /
she requires performing the daily
business. Then it goes down to the level
where users can be stopped form
performing a specific function or access
a specific set of fields.
In the security module you may define
business roles such as accountants,
salesmen, mechanics, etc.. Then assign
tasks and access rights to these roles.
Then you may add your employees
based on the functions performed.
Other Options
??Switch the company branch
??Have users’ preferences for the
??Activity Monitor

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Note: The vendor profile above for (Auto Management Automotive ERP
) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Dhow Information Systems and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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