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Date Posted: 4/27/2005

Wind2Software Releases 2005 Financial Performance Survey Results, Providing Key Comparative Data For Professional Services Firms

embers, the 2005 Financial Performance Survey enables professional services firms to make performance comparisons that can lead to business improvements and greater profitability. Fort

Collins, CO, April 26, 2005 - Wind2 Software (, a world leader in project business software and customer support, today released the final survey report for its 2005 Financial Performance Survey of Professional Services Firms. While many surveys of this nature are limited to generic financial data extracted from annual reports of publicly traded companies, participants in the Wind2 survey shared financial details usually considered proprietary – making the Wind2 survey results uniquely valuable for comparative purposes within the professional services industry.

“We maintain trusted relationships with over 3,000 professional services firms that use Wind2 Software in North America,” says David W. Marvin, president and CEO of Wind2 Software. “That puts us in a unique position to compile this kind of information and to provide the entire industry with truly useful data. All professional firms, for example, will find relevance in the financial data for labor productivity and billing rates. Firms working with government contractors will take special interest in the data on allowable and unallowable costs, high dollar components of overhead, and G&A.”

The survey, which has been conducted annually for more than 20 years, generated a record-high response in 2005 – 20% higher than other Wind2 surveys and easily surpassing the scope of most surveys conducted within the professional services industry. The 2005 report compiles data from actual firms of various sizes throughout North America, including Wind2 customers and members of the Society for Design Administration (SDA). Survey results are tabulated in a report that examines 30 key financial measurements and ratios, explains the meaning of each, and outlines how every ratio is calculated. John Pruitt, founder of A/E Consulting Services, Inc., wrote the report’s executive summary in which he provides data analysis and a discussion of trends within the professional services industry.

Pruitt reports that 270 firms responded to the 2005 survey, and says, “To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest sample size for any A/E survey published to date.” He also points out that the 2005 survey is being published four months ahead of previous survey results, answering a customer request for meaningful data early in the year and making the numbers useful for planning purposes.

To obtain a copy of the 25th annual Financial Performance Survey of Professional Services Firms, and to learn about other kinds of products that Wind2 Software can provide, call: Nicholas T. Bettis, 800-779-4632. Or e-mail: The survey is priced at $249 and is provided free of charge to all survey participants.

About Wind2 Software.

With headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, Wind2 Software, Inc. is the technology leader in project business software for professional services firms of all sizes. Founded in 1983, the company delivers award-winning solutions for government contract management, time billing, project management, financial accounting, customer relationship management, and marketing automation. Services include industry-leading customer support and software maintenance, on-line and on-site consultation, classroom training, and web-based support. Contact: Nicholas T. Bettis, Wind2 Software, Inc., 2002 Caribou, Fort Collins, CO 80525. Tel: 800-779-4632. Fax: 970-493-4578. E-mail:

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