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Date Posted: 5/14/2003

Service Company Expects Annual Savings of $225,000 With UltiPro Workforce Management

iPro's Intersourcing Model -

WESTON, Fla., May 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI - News), a leading provider of Web-based payroll and workforce management solutions, announced today that National Equipment Services (NES), a leader in the $25 billion equipment rental industry, is using UltiPro Workforce Management to trim costs, realign its organization and make its Human Resources Department more strategic. After implementing UltiPro in January 2003, NES already anticipates an annual hard-cost savings of approximately $225,000 from payroll processing charges alone.

NES is the fourth largest company in the U.S. equipment rental industry, specializing in renting specialty and general equipment to industrial and construction businesses. The company has 180 locations in 34 states and Canada. Prior to using UltiPro, NES made 47 acquisitions in only 18 months, did not have a centralized HR Department and was paying for dozens of payroll service bureau accounts. To add to its growing pains, NES had no way to get real-time information about its increasingly dispersed workforce, nor was there a central location where employees could easily access consolidated pay, benefits and company information.

NES hired its first vice president of human resources, Bill Doucette, in 2002. He immediately realized the need to:

* Support the company's efforts to dramatically and quickly reduce costs
* Secure the power to pool key employee data for real-time, sophisticated
workforce analytics for strategic decision making
* Implement an integrated HR/payroll solution with a workforce portal and
manager/employee self-service, to ultimately give managers and
employees the responsibility of handling many of their own day-to-day
HR/payroll transactions
* Accomplish these objectives without relying on the company's internal
IT resources

Because NES absorbed a number of companies that used to operate independently, many of its newest acquisitions were paying for separate payroll service bureau accounts. NES found that integrating the separate accounts through the service bureau was a complicated process -- and still would not provide the savings and return on investment the company could get from a hosted in-house solution. The bottom line to NES was that UltiPro hosted by Ultimate Software made more financial sense.

"We expect to see a hard cost savings of approximately $225,000 a year in payroll processing charges with UltiPro compared to the service bureau we used before," said Doucette. "And that does not include any savings related to processing efficiencies that we'll surely see over time."

NES also has trimmed its waistline by scrutinizing company demographics, then using the information to make wise business decisions. "As our market has changed, NES and its competitors have been forced to reevaluate the locations and staffing required to meet the new demand," Doucette explained. "UltiPro has allowed us to thoroughly review this important issue with accurate and real-time data before making any decisions to consolidate or close locations."

UltiPro offers more than 400 standard and customizable reports that can provide key information to businesses, enabling them to reduce expenses related to labor, overtime and benefits. When workforce reductions are necessary, UltiPro also can generate the payroll history reports needed to determine severance packages and the discrimination-related reports. This can help companies have as much information as possible to avoid potential legal or regulatory compliance issues.

"Businesses today know that they must be lean if they want to stay in the race for the long haul," said Doucette. "Because we acquired so many businesses so fast, it was difficult to get our arms around our people-related information and costs before UltiPro. Now, UltiPro helps me tap into where our people are at that moment, and make decisions based on a complete and accurate picture. We are in the process of redesigning our entire company's organization using the information that we can extract from UltiPro -- so that we have the right people in the right places."

Doucette plans to begin using UltiPro's workforce portal soon. This will empower employees and managers by giving them self-service access to UltiPro, so they can review and update routine information such as staff rosters, benefits choices and performance review history. This is part of Doucette's plan to "liberate" the HR Department from routine, "transaction-oriented" activities, so his staff can add more strategic value to NES by concentrating on people development and overall organizational effectiveness.

"Right now, UltiPro's value is in the hard-cost savings that we are enjoying. But in the future, the larger value to NES will come from using its Web technology," said Doucette. "NES will benefit from UltiPro's workforce portal because the HR and payroll staff can minimize the time they spend doing the same types of processes over and over that really add no business value. Our employees and managers will enjoy the convenience of handling these processes on their own 24/7, and we won't have to hire more administrative staff as we grow."

NES did not want to add more IT staff to manage an in-house system, so it selected Ultimate Software's hosted option -- branded as Intersourcing. With Intersourcing, Ultimate Software maintains the hardware and system software, performs the upgrades and is generally responsible for the IT functions associated with UltiPro.

"We do not have a large IT staff, and they are very involved with other important projects related to our business and customers. This means an HR/payroll system couldn't be their main focus, and we didn't want to add more headcount. Intersourcing alleviates our need for internal IT resources, and it's been working very well. All NES has to worry about is having a Web browser and the ability to click on an icon to run payroll from anywhere, any time. It's just that simple," said Doucette.

About Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software, a leading provider of Web-based payroll and workforce management solutions, markets award-winning UltiPro as licensed software, as a hosted application through Intersourcing, and as a co-branded offering to Business Service Providers (BSPs) under the "Powered by UltiPro" brand. The Company employs 415 professionals who are united in their commitment to developing trend-setting solutions and delivering quality service. Ultimate Software customers represent diverse industries and include such organizations as The Arizona Diamondbacks/ Phoenix Suns, Benihana Restaurants, The Container Store, Elizabeth Arden, Omni Hotels, Ruth's Chris Steak House and Trammell Crow Residential. More information on Ultimate Software's products and services can be found at

UltiPro is a registered trademark of The Ultimate Software Group, Inc. All other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners.

For Sales Information:
The Ultimate Software Group, Inc.,
Phone: (800) 432-1729
Web Site:

Source: The Ultimate Software Group, Inc.

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