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Date Posted: 1/17/2003

TSG Announces The New CF Series Manufacturing Software Package: A revolutionary philosophy in business software solutions for small and mid market manufacturers, job shops and distributors

January 16, 2003 – Costa Mesa, CA – TSG Software and Service, Inc., a growing software solutions provider, recently unveiled its new CF Series Accounting and Manufacturing package. This is a unique, customizable, fully integrated package for the small to mid-sized manufacturer in any industry. This package includes all the functionality needed for accounting, inventory control, job costing, manufacturing and distribution. CF Series is a complete solution packaged with installation, training and support services.

Our total solution packages all the unique features our customers want: customization, support, product value and competitive pricing. While many products on the market appear to be similar to ours, they are actually not. The fact that they cannot be modified makes them inflexible and constrains the benefits. Our CF Series can be customized for every unique business. This allows each of our customers to have software that operates exactly as they request. This cuts down on user time, frustration, and inefficiency, and saves them money.

Since TSG is a developer, we sell, support and install all of our software. This provides our customers with a relationship they wouldn’t get otherwise. This means that requests for service or upgrades will be handled quickly. On-demand service allows our customers to spend time making money instead of fighting issues.

Throughout our existence, our customers have reported to us they have saved thousands of dollars with our previously released products. Our new CF Series incorporates all the past benefits as well as new ones. Our product provides a single integrated solution allows you to easily monitor sales, inventory, production, scheduling and accounting to improve your entire enterprise. Up-to-the minute reporting capability provides critical information at the touch of a button. Features like variable Bill of Materials and multiple pricing options in the software allow users the flexibility to run their business in their own unique way.

Our CF Series pricing is different than most other software products. We charge no annual maintenance or service fees. We price the package based on an unlimited number of users. And, we provide a 90-day money back guarantee. These are all fundamental changes we are trying to bring to the industry to provide our customers with an up-front price that doesn’t hide future costs. This makes our customers independent and provides them with the flexibility to increase the number of users and make changes or upgrades as necessary. Additionally, we believe this is the lowest total cost solution because expenses don’t continue to accrue.

The new CF Series package runs on either a peer-to-peer network or with a standard server network. Currently, we offer PC-based versions running on any Windows or NT operating system dating back to Windows 95 and up through XP. The fully installed and supported package can be realized typically for an investment of $10,000 and $30,000, with no future fees.

TSG Software and Service, Inc. is a software developer with 20 years of experience in the accounting and manufacturing software industry. We currently have over 50 active customers and have recently expanded our operations from the South Central portion of the U.S. to now include the West Coast. Along with the size of the company, our software has evolved over the years with invaluable client input. As a developer, we are very knowledgeable about our product and pride ourselves on World-class support and services. Our complete solution provides you with the highest quality product and service, so you can maximize the benefits of your software investment. For more information on TSG or our CF Series package, call 888-554-5TSG or visit our website at

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Jonas Construction Buyer Guide Sky


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