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Sponsor Message
Ei Dynamics Sky

Date Posted: 9/25/2001

AXS-One is the Platinum Sponsor of the 2001 IOMA Financial Planning and Analysis Conference

Event Information:

Event Type: Conference
Date(s): 12/4/2001 to 5/1/2001
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Address/Location: Jacob Javits Center
New York, NY
Country: USA
Participate in our Workshop presentation:

Deploying Electronic Self Service Throughout your Organization for Better Business Processes and Gained Economies

By Mike Jorgensen
Chief Administrative Officer
AXS-One, Inc.

Does your company suffer from slow reporting methods that often provide dated data? Do your managers lack the reporting facilities that allow them to know exactly where they stand and exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it in order to stay on target? In the battle that is business today, how fast can your organization regroup and re-strategize? Do your managers have their marching orders and the resources to carry them out?

Electronic Self Service (ESS) has been the answer for many. ESS allows CFO's to keep tight command over the organization with constantly updated, easily accessible information. Join us to see how today's savvy companies are using ESS to help filter and disseminate the vast amount of data involved in day to day business operations and specifically in budgeting and monthly reporting.

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge to:
Disseminate information throughout your organization using ESS
Establish "yardsticks" that mangers can measure deliverables and progress against
Foster communication through out multiple levels and business sectors
Uncover the weakest links in your communication channels and take steps to resolve the problems
Establish "marching orders" for managers to manage budgets
Painlessly adjust the business plan in a fluctuating economy

Join us and:
Hear first hand what companies like yours are doing to solve this problem
Get a hands-on demonstration of ESS solutions
Dissect a case study where ESS transaction reporting changed the way one company delivered information and as a result speeded up their business process

Learn how to:
Efficiently manage the pains associated with the procurement cycle, including identification of need, requisition review, order creation and vendor analysis through ESS
Build a plan to implement ESS in your own organization
Maximize investments by using the same technology to deliver multiple outcomes
Modify your existing processes and gain economies across the enterprise

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Sponsor Message
Ei Dynamics Sky


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