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Ei Dynamics Sky

Date Posted: 6/14/2014

Quickbooks Hosting Services

QuickBooks hosting is a service offered by application hosting providers to the CPAs, accounting and bookkeeping professionals. Hosted QuickBooks servers
Online and virtual solutions let professionals keep a single set of real-time books for businesses with multiple locations or business departments. For small businesses, creating a wide-area network is typically too expensive to implement and maintain, causing many companies to keep multiple sets of accounting applications, databases and computers to run them. Using an online solution like QuickBooks hosting gives all locations and business departments a single location to access company books. At any time, the owner can view the entire business’s books, because all of the data is current, accessible online and in one location.
Hosted QuickBooks has many advantages; accounting professionals, CPAs, bookkeepers enjoy this service because it efficiently makes them to serve more customers in many locations simultaneously with less time and expense. The other major benefit is all of our users are able to work from anywhere and yes, anytime access. There is no worry of nightly back-ups, and no headache of tougher security measures. So, they get more time to focus on their core business and their customers. Setting up a secure and reliable IT infrastructure just for QuickBooks usage will require a heavy investment to purchase high performance computers, networking devices, and other security systems. This huge investment is even not as important as the consumed time to learn the technology so that you can setup the right infrastructure. Managing these resources will become even tougher as it requires regular activities.

Business owners also benefit from having more accurate financial data through direct involvement with their bookkeeper or accountant. Utilizing online solutions allows professional accounting firms to be more directly involved with the client business, with the ability to immediately perform tasks like making adjustments or reconciliations. The ability to view company records at any time can introduce an additional level of insight and understanding that ultimately benefits a client business.
As an additional service CPAs can offer their clients, hosted accounting applications are a low cost technology solution that has the ability to increase productivity for everyone. With the ability to easily acquire and use some of the latest cloud computing services like application hosting and virtual desktops, you don’t need to be an IT expert to start taking advantages of technology that can save money and time for your practice, firm or business.


Press Contact Info:
Marvin Rowe
Cloud QuickBooks Hosting Services

About Cloud QuickBooks Hosting Services
I am working with Cloud Quickbooks Hosting Services as a Technical support Engneer.


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Ei Dynamics Sky


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