July 2012 Edition

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Feature Article:
Taking Advantage of the Economic Recovery With Project Management

There’s been nothing pretty about the economic recession. The business landscape has changed, established companies have disappeared, and industries everywhere have been operating in safety mode, trying to avoid risks that would leave them vulnerable. Once known as retail giants, Blockbuster and Borders proved that you have to constantly innovate and at the forefront of market trends to survive. But it hasn’t been all negative. With the clearing of slow, cluttered or inefficient businesses, the recession has created opportunity for other businesses to flourish. For companies that made it through and are navigating the current landscape, playing it safe is no way to succeed but neither is moving forward recklessly. A key factor that will make a difference is the intelligent execution of projects. By acting on projects that are the most profitable, and proceeding with very slim margins of error, businesses can maximize the value of their activities and make sure they operate profitably for years to come.

Ideas In Motion:
David Hopkins: Play to Your Strengths for Business Success

Meet David B. Hopkins, CPA, and founder of D.B. Hopkins & Associates, a full-service firm with offices in Wadsworth and Akron, Ohio. David’s work in international and regional firms gave him the experience and know-how to create a practice that offers a professional, yet very human touch to the way he works with his clients. I sat down with David to find out more about his background, his approach to client service, and how he is able to continually build and maintain his practice.

Ideas in Motion is a monthly column designed to focus on best practices within CPA firms and organizations involved in providing technology related services.

Accounting Concepts:
Management and Administration of General Accounting: Remote Accounting Organizations and their Support - Part 4

This is the 4th article in a series about Management and Administration of General Accounting. This article focuses on general accounting department organization. The article discusses remote accounting departments and how they operate within the context of their parrent company or parent corporate accounting department. This material is adapted from The Automated Accounting Systems and Procedures Handbook (John Wiley, New York 1991) Chapter 13.

This column presents a new accounting system concept each month that may be applicable to your organization.

BillQuick – Time, Billing and Project Management

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