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Accounting Software 411, LLC Copyright Transfer Agreement:

Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreement

It is required that Authors provide a formal written Consent to Publish.

It is also strongly recommended that Authors provide a Transfer of Copyright to the Publisher. The signed Consent to Publish gives the Publisher the Author(s)' permission to publish the Work. The signed Transfer of Copyright empowers the Publisher on behalf of the Author(s) to protect the Work and its image against any unauthorized use and to properly authorize dissemination of the Work by means of printed publications, offprints, reprints, electronic files, licensed photocopies, microform editions, translations, document delivery and secondary information sources such as abstracting, reviewing and indexing services, including converting the Work into machine readable form and storing it in electronic databases.

The Publisher hereby requests that the Author(s) complete and return this form promptly so that the Work may be readied for publication.

Title of Contribution ("Work"):______________________________________________



Name of Publication:_________________________________________________________
  • The Author(s) hereby consents that the Publisher publishes the Work.
  • The Author(s) warrants that the Work has not been published before in any form except as a preprint, that the Work is not concurrently submitted to another publication, that all Authors are properly credited, and generally that the Author(s) has the right to make the grants made to the Publisher complete and unencumbered. The Author(s) also warrants that the Work does not libel anyone, infringe anyone's copyright, or otherwise violate anyone's statutory or common law rights.
  • The Author(s) hereby transfers to the Publisher the copyright of the Work named above whereby the Publisher shall have the exclusive and unlimited right to publish the said Work and to translate (or authorize others to translate) it wholly or in part throughout the World during the full term of copyright including renewals and extensions and all subsidiary rights as indicated above subject only to item 4.
  • The Work may be reproduced by any means for educational and scientific purposes by the Author(s) or by others without fee or permission with the exception of reproduction by services that collect fees for delivery of documents. The Author(s) may use part or all of this Work or its image in any future works of his/her (their) own. In any reproduction, the original publication by the Publisher must be credited in the following manner: "First published in [Publication] in [volume and number, or year], published by Accounting Software 411, LLC," and the copyright notice in proper form must be placed on all copies. Any publication or other form of reproduction not meeting these requirements will be deemed to be unauthorized.
  • In the event of receiving any request to reprint or translate all or part of the Work, the Publisher shall seek to inform the Author(s).

    If the Author(s) wishes to retain copyright of the content and image of this Work, in the Author(s)' name(s) or the name of a third party (e.g., employer)*, the Author(s) may strike out items 3, 4, and 5 above. In this case the Author(s) nevertheless gives the Publisher unlimited rights to publish and distribute the Work in any form and to translate (or allow others to translate) the Work wholly or in part throughout the World and to accept payment for this. The copyright holder retains the right to duplicate the Work by any means and to permit others to do the same with the exception of reproduction by services that collect fees for delivery of documents. In each case of authorized duplication of the Work, the Author(s) must still ensure that the original publication by the Publisher is properly credited. If the Author(s) does not choose, or is unable, to assign copyright to the Publisher, the Author(s) agrees that the Accounting Software 411, LLC is not responsible for protecting the Work from misuse by others, and the copyright holder agrees to hold Accounting Software 411, LLC harmless in all matters concerning copyright.

    If copyright is not to be transferred to the Publisher, please indicate how the copyright line should read:

    This form is to be signed by the Author(s) or, in the case of a "work-made-for-hire," by the employer. If there is more than one Author, then either all must sign the Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreement, or one Author may sign for all provided the signer appends a statement signed by all the Authors that attests that each Author has approved this agreement and has agreed to be bound by it.


    *Please note: If the Work was created by U.S. Government employees in the scope of their official duties, the Work is not copyrightable and all provisions of this agreement relating to copyright (other than item 2) are void and of no effect. The Consent to Publish provisions remain in effect, however, and must be signed.

    Accounting Software 411, LLC
    3943 Irvine Blvd. #110
    Irvine, CA 92602