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Demos/Downloads for:

Time and Work Tracking by Clockware

Download/Demo of Time and Work Tracking
Type:Software Demo | Company:Clockware

Other downloads from Clockware...

Download/Demo of Time and Work Tracking
Type:Software Demo | Company:Clockware

Related Downloads from Other Vendors...

Software Demos:
Time and Attendance Software Demo
Type:Software Demo | Company:GHG Corporation
GHG Corporation’s electronic Timesheet Software (eTSS) is a web-based employee tracking software, which automates time & attendance tracking and approval processes. GHG offers eTSS customers a fully deployed turnkey installation of its Web-Based electronic Timesheet Software System (eTSS), including all services related to deployment of software including integration the customer’s current infrastructure. eTSS provides electronic timesheets, leave balance management, online pay stubs, as wel...

Type:Software Demo | Company:BQE Software Inc.
BillQuick incorporates critical business functions: Time and Expense tracking, Project Management and Billing. It is designed to accommodate the complex billing and management needs of today’s professional services firms - a flexible solution that adapts to you. Fast and easy to learn, BillQuick reduces overhead and streamlines operations. Its real-time analysis empowers you with the tools to move your business forward.

Demonstration of Timeslips
Type:Software Demo | Company:Sage Software
Self-guided session allows you to learn about Timeslips at your own pace.

Download/Demo of Timekeeper for MAS 90/ MAS 200
Type:Software Demo | Company:HighTower Inc
Demo are for .timekeeper - the web-based version of Timekeeper software.

Download/Demo of Tabs3 Billing Software
Type:Software Demo | Company:Software Technology, Inc.
Software Technology, Inc. provides you with the option to download a slide-show demo on Tabs3 from our Web site. To get a FREE CD containing a complete interactive evaluation system and copies of our multi-media tutorials, contact us directly at 402-423-1440, or e-mail us at

Web Casts:
BillQuick - QuickBooks Integration
Type:Webcast | Company:BQE Software Inc.
With smart, seamless integration, BillQuick® and QuickBooks® make day-to-day business, accounting and financial management tasks easier. Critical data can be shared between BillQuick and QuickBooks without having to enter data twice.

White Papers:
DCAA Compliant Time and Attendance Software
Type:White Paper | Company:GHG Corporation
GHG Corporation’s electronic Time Sheet Solution (eTSS) is a web-based employee time management tool that automates time collection and approval processes. GHG’s eTSS timesheet software was designed using three basic principles: -Easy Implementation -Expected Performance -Exceptional Value Any organization that contracts with the US Government must follow specific employee timesheet software guidelines set forth by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). These timekeeping software g...

Case Studies:
6 Ways Bill Quick Improved Business for David Knoble, CPA
Type:Case Study | Company:BQE Software Inc.
David Knoble, CPA experienced six direct, measurable benefits to our firm from the use of BillQuick. These benefits center around: timekeeping, data entry, consistency, better management of WIP (unbilled time), and a better ability to monitor firm performance. We saved money and improved performance.

Accounting Firm Increases Profitability with BillQuick
Type:Case Study | Company:BQE Software Inc.
Fox and Fiorino, P.A. increased revenue by 10%, increased cashflow by 15% and increased billable hours and reduced overhead costs.

Makaii Case Study
Type:Case Study | Company:GHG Corporation
Recent involvement in government contracts resulted in several audits which revealed some issues with Makai’s accounting procedures. Specifically, Makai’s timecard spreadsheets, based on Lotus 1-2-3, were not DCAA compliant. Makai needed a DCAA compliant timecard solution that integrated well with QuickBooks. Furthermore, the timecard software needed to be based in-house, not hosted on a remote server. Makai spent a considerable amount of resources investigating potential software solutions. Two...

BillQuick Allowed us to Speed Invoicing and Save Over 150 Hours/Year
Type:Case Study | Company:BQE Software Inc.
With BillQuick, it’s just so much more streamlined. I can easily send out invoices every week now. If I have all the information I need from the engineers, I’ll send the bill the same day.

Jonas Construction Buyer Guide Block

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