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Multi-dimensional ProjectManagement: Maintaining Control in a Complex Environme

Product Name: Exact Synergy by Exact Software
Download Type: White Paper
Format: .PDF
Published: 6/12/2007
Corporations worldwide embrace formal strategies and technologies for managing projects. Even small or secondary projects must be formally tracked as such projects tend to be
part of a larger operational plan, where activities are dependent upon the completed project. As corporations grow, projects become more numerous, and typically employees
must serve on multiple project teams. Additionally, projects tend to encompass several participants from different departments or divisions within the organization, and often must also include contractors and vendors from outside the company.

From the corporate and divisional planning perspective, every new plan results in a new project; every new event means managing multiple projects affecting multiple departments, participants, documents and budgets. These layers of projects, subprojects
and assignments encompass various activities, resources and locations.

These events and plans require each component to be resourcefully and comprehensively managed, and also require proper prioritization, accountability and communication
throughout. There must be assurances that deadlines are met, resources are allocated and optimized wisely, bottlenecks are identified and risk of project failure is mitigated.

The shift towards project complexity and its associated “interlocking parts” has occurred as demands for corporate efficiency and downsizing have risen, placing even
more focus and pressure on project management, resource control and optimization. Given that such multi-layered and compounded environments must be included within
project management, it is the practice of Multi-dimensional Project Management that has evolved as the standard project management methodology.

By definition, corporations are involved in Multi-dimensional Project Management when having to manage many levels and facets of organizational components in order to achieve a desired goal. The many dimensions within corporate projects include
documents, resources (whether they be internal or external), budgets, departments, assets, risks, schedules and activities. Each component must be associated with one another under the overall project umbrella, necessitated by both a strategic and
detailed view across all projects within the enterprise.

Organizations are multi-project systems themselves that must remain organic in order to adapt to circumstances. Day-to-day operations by default consist of complex, multi-layered projects which, unless managed by the proper tools and technology in a
comprehensive, proficient manner, could curtail and degenerate a company’s expected performance and results.

This paper discusses the evolution, methods and resulting problems that emanate from Multi-dimensional Project Management as well as a conclusive answer to those issues.

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