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MP Software Consulting, Inc.

About the Company

We offer Financial Software Consulting Services
Specializing on ERP software including Epicor.
We take the technical complications out of your hands by offering MPSC Cloud Services were you will not have to have in-house IT staff or resources for your upgrades or implementations we host your projects at very reasonable prices.

Production Support
At highly competitive rates, we offer sporadic or continuous production support services to handle your day to day issues and avoid the costly "the system is down" type of issues that stops your production operations.

End User Training Packages
Contact us for all your training needs, we provide end user training to either learn your new systems or enhance your utilization of your system avoiding those user generated issues or the unknown ability to perform certain tasks due to the non familiarity with your current systems.

Business process re-engineering (BPR)
When your needs are to improve your current environment.
Let us take a closer look to your business & system processes from a clean perspective and find the best way to build these processes to improve your system utilization that will fit your business processes.

System Upgrades
To handle your system upgrades, when either forced to upgrade by your vendors or just the upgrades you need to perform to fill your business additional needs. We offer those much appreciated painless system upgrades at highly competitive rates.

System Customizations
When your needs are beyond your current system features and with little or big tweaking will provide your business with new abilities or simply the less workarounds or the extra keystrokes. We can help you with any little or complex customizations to fit your business needs at highly competitive rates.

System Interfaces
When your Epicor system is one part of a group of systems that runs your business. You will have the need to establish systems interactions to share your business data. We can build those bridges for you, we count on a strong and well seasoned experience on the technical aspects, business processes and a wide gamma of multiple systems platforms to cover and provide you with the solutions to any challenge you might have.

Data Migrations
To perform your data migrations. Bring your financial detail or maybe restructuring your COA; bring your customers, vendors or products data, so it can be used on your new or multiple systems. Just contact us we will facilitate your system implementations or upgrades or any aspect of it.

Data Conversions
To handle your business changes or changes that needs to happen when making additions or modifications in your system applications. We offer to fit your needs with updated technical solutions at highly competitive rates.

Remote and Onsite Services
Since we love to make your life a easier. For those services that allow us to exchange the travel expenses for consulting hours, we offer full use of the remote technology to save you time and money, there is a reason why all technology companies are working hard on creating excellent solutions to handle your business systems remotely and we actually get to use it to your benefit, just ask for it.

Company Contact Information
Country: United States
Address: 1 Avenue At Port Imperial
West New York, NJ 07093

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