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I/O error on audittr.dat

Started By: jayong29 at 10/13/2001 10:14:00 AM. Topic has 3 replies.

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  10/13/2001 10:14:00 AM

  I/O error on audittr.dat
Dear Sir, Iam using peachtree accounting 2004 in winXP, and i got an error"I/O error can't find auditttr.dat" when i access the data or company in my server (windows 2004 server), i did map the drive,share the folders and install peachtree in the server. but still the same error occurs when i access the files. Please help me!!!!
  8/10/2004 10:46:00 AM
  RE:I/O error on audittr.dat
The AUDITTR.DAT can be renamed and Peachtree will create a new one.
  9/18/2003 9:47:00 AM

  I/O error on audittr.dat
Hi- We just received this error as well. What's the fix? Ed
  4/26/2007 9:40:08 AM

  Re:I/O error on audittr.dat
The audittr.dat file tracks changes to records by different users.  This file is usefull when a company needs to know what actions where performed by which users.  When transactions are add, edited or delete, this file records these actions.  The file can be either be deleted (if you have not need for this information) or repaired.  Our experience has been if you have one damaged data file you may have others.  Damaged files are caused by connections broken to your server, workstations lockup or any type of communication error (network problems).  For more information please visit our web site at

Before deleting any files or making changes, make sure you have a current backup.  The Peachtree Accounting Software will have many different subdirectories for each one of your company's.  Make sure you know what you are doing prior to trying to resolve anything.  If in doubt check with your local Peachtree Support Center or contact us.

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