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ANALYTICAL SOFTWARE for Traders (February 2007)

Started By: max at 2/7/2007 10:55:46 AM. Topic has 0 replies.

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  2/7/2007 10:55:46 AM

  ANALYTICAL SOFTWARE for Traders (February 2007)
3600 best analytical programs, best trading systems, books, courses and seminars (49 CDs)
TradeStation 8.2
TradeStation 8.1 + Owndata 2.4
MetaStock Pro 9.1 RT
MetaStock Pro 10.0 EOD
NexGen T-3 ProTrader (December 2006)
Ocean for TS by Jim Sloman
Vantage Point 7.0 (all modules)
Omega Research ProSuite 2000i
Advanced GET EOD and RT
Safir-XP 1.7
Ninja Trader v5.1
MT Predictor EOD 5.0 and RT 4.0
Wealth Lab 4.0
...and others
CD#1 - Omega Research ProSuite 2000i Platinum Edition Build 822 (Password: Good Forever) & Systems - $200
Omega Research ProSuite 2000i Platinum Edition Build 822 (Password: Good Forever)
Omega Research ProSuite - TradeStation 2000i
Omega Research ProSuite - OptionStation
Omega Research ProSuite - Radar Screen
Omega Research ProSuite - EasyLanguage + Manual
Omega Research ProSuite - Developers Kit
Omega Research ProSuite - Quote Monitor
Omega Research ProSuite - Data Vendor Developers Kit
Omega Research ProSuite - GlobalServer
Omega Research ProSuite - Historybank CD (SP5 Release)
Omega Research ProSuite - Prosuite Updates (Registry Fix for Windows 2000)
and 700 systems
CD#4 MetaStock v9.0 EOD, MetaStock Pro v9.1 RT for e-Signal, MetaStock Add-Ons - $300
MetaStock Pro v9.1 RT for e-Signal
MetaStock v9.0 EOD
and 700 Plug-Ins, Add-Ons, new indicators
CD#5 Advanced GET EOD & RT  - $200
Advanced Get 8.0 EOD
Advanced Get 7.8 EOD build 420
Advanced Get RT v1.3 b300 for
Advanced Get RT v1.3 b396 for Tradestation 2000i
Advanced Get RT v1.3 b308 for Esignal
Advanced Get - Examples
Advanced Get - Search Manuals
Advanced Get - Manual
Advanced Get - Trading Tech Tips and Tricks Archive
Advanced Get - User Guide - Tom Joseph
Advanced Get - New Trading Examples
Advanced Get - Seminar Notes
Advanced Get - Mechanical Trading System by Tom Jaseph
Advanced Get - Charting
Advanced Get - ELA ( for Tradestation )
Advanced GET RT for Tradestation 2000i v1.3 build 396
AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.2
BestChoice Software v4.20
Captool v1.71a Pro
Cyclone for TS
Elliott Wave Analyser v3.0.44
Elwave v7.1 RT
eASCTrend v6.02 Pro
Index Point 2003
Investor RT v7.0
NeuroShell DayTrader v4.8 Pro + Add-ons
NeuroSolutions v5.0 Developer Edition
NexGen T-3 Pro
Safir-XP v1.6
Trading Solutions Suite RT
Trend Reflection Software
MB Risk Management 9.0
MT Predictor EOD and RT
Vantage Point v6.0 (43 Market modules)
Visual Trader 2002
Wave59 RT v1.45
WizeTrade v7.04 for Esignal
Golden Millennium I - 20 CDs - 1500 programs, systems and courses for traders
Golden Millennium II - 41 CDs - 3500 programs, systems and courses for traders
Drummond Lessons (1-35)
eASCTrend v6.0 Pro (NEW CRACK!)
Jurik TPO
Kwikpop for Tradestation
Kwikpop for Metastock
MARS v2.0 + manuals
Mesa 2002
MiniMax 1&2
Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed
Octane 2000i
Proffesional Trade Advisor v4.1
Stephen Pierce's Rapid Fire Swing Trading
The Daytrader's Talking ToolBox v4.0
Vantage Point v6.0
ACT! v6.0.0.679
Advanced GET Real-Time For ts2k Version 1.3 Build 396
AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.0
AlphOmega ElliotWaves 4.5 for MS + Manual
AmiBroker Professional Edition v4.50.11
AmiQuote v1.55
ASCTrend 3.0 (updated 5-30-03)
Astro Reserach v1.31
BestChoice Software v4.20
C-3 Trading System + Manual
Cyclone for TradeStation
DataSharks Downloader EOD v2.36
DataSharks Downloader RT v2.12
Delta Graphics for Windows v1.0 build 1.75
Dynamic Trader Pdf Examples. Complete Investment
Dynamic Trader v4.0 build 78
Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6
Elliott Wave Analyser v3.0.44
Elwave v7.1 RT + Manual
Ensign Windows 01.22.2004 for eSignal
eQuote v1.4
eSignal v7.5
Fora v3.0
Gann Computation Tools
GetStockQuote v1.6
Index Point 2003
Insight Strategic Investment Trader
Investor's Dream v1.98.2
InvesTraK v3.0.0.4
Jurik for Neuroshell
Jurik Research Tools
KwikPOP for Metastock v8.0
Patterns v2.0
MetaQuote v1.14
MetaServer 3.0 for QCharts
MetaServer RT v3.1 DDE
MetaStock Adaptive Trading Solutions CD - Plug-In
MLDownloader v6.2
Money Tree Suite v2.46.10
Monte Carlo-Lab for Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.2
Nebadawn Ramp Trendline Market Scanner v5.0 build 7
Neuro-Lab for Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.4
NeuroSolutions v4.24 Developer Edition
OptionGrid v1.5
OptionSleuth PRO v1.9b
Profiles+ Professional v6.5
Raven Quote v1.42
Trading Solutions v2.10 build 031105
VantagePoint v6.0 for Commodities
Visual Trader 2002
Walter Bressert ProfitTrader v7.0 for Metastock + Manual
Walter Bressert ProfitTrader v7.0 for Tradestation + Manual
Wealth-Lab Developer v3.0.8
Adaptick Ice v2.0 for Metastock
Adaptick Powerstrike for Metastock
Alyuda Forecaster XL v2.3
Alyuda Neurointelligence v2.3526
ASCTrend v3.51 - Time-limit Feb 2009
BioCom Profit 2002
eASCTrend v6.02 (NEW Crack)
Fibonacci Trader v4.46 RT
Gann Systems for Metastock
GannTrader v3.07
InvestorRT v7.2 Rev. 1
KwikPop for Tradestation
MetaServer RT v3.0 for IQFeed
Metaserver TAL
NeuroShell Trader v4.4.64
Sharpshooter Release 0928F + Manual
TradeGuider v2.2.1.5
TradeStation Net Utility
Vantage Point v6.0 for Financials
Wizetrade v6.04 (NEW Crack)
Metastock Plug-In:
Bollinger Band System for Metastock
Metastock - MurphyMorris - Chart Pattern Recognition
Metastock Plug-in - Bollinger Bands
Metastock Plug-in - EnHilbertMSXSetup [custom made]
Metastock Plug-in - Performance System Plus
Metastock Plugin - Power Pivots Plus
Metastock Plugin - Short Term Support and Resistance
Metastock Plugin - StDevBogieMSXSetup [custom made]
Metastock Plugin - Tactical Trader Statistical Edge System
Metastock Plugin - Tactical Trader Statistical Edge Trading System
Metastock Plugin - TETRAHEX - Fractal Finance
Metastock Plugin - Thomas Demark
Metastock System Tester - MFST(60 MINS INTRADAY) by E. Labunsky
Walter Bressert indicator add-on
Nison's CU
SpyGlass 2.01
MakeMS v1.9 - ASCII-to-MetaStock Data Convertor
CD#45 - MetaStock Pro v9.1 RT for e-Signal, MetaStock Add-Ons:
MetaStock Pro v9.1 RT for e-Signal
MetaStock Add-On and Plug-In:
ACP System (for count Elliot Waves in MS)
Autotrend for MetaStock v7.x
Bollinger Band System for Metastock
Cahen Ind. (For MS)
Chart Pattern Recognition (For MS)
Cleanup v1.2 (For MS)
Constance Brown INDX (For MS)
CONVERT Bovespa (For MS)
CoolSpy (For MS)
Crazilla - 3D1 - creates graphical display of Metastock or Tradestation optimizat
Crazilla Converter - converts MS files to CSV format
Dynamic Trading Tools (For MS)
Equis MetaStock Experts
Equis Support & Resistance (For MS)
ERSA - Relative Strength Analyser (For MS)
Fractal Finance (For MS)
Gann Square of 9 (For MS)
George Angell-LSS Daytrading System Indicators (For MS)
Hilbert Cycle TASC (For MS)
Investor's Dream (For MS & TS) + Manuals
MakeMS v2.0
MetaFix v3.7
MetaLib v3.0 for Metastock Full
MetaLoad v3.04
MetaQuotes v1.15
MetaServer Pro v2.0 DDE Edition
MetaServer RT v1.0.0.1
MetaStock Candle Add-On
MetaStock Data Converter to .pce Format (For Ezy C.0) - Complete
MetaStock Data Editing Utility
MetaStock Delete Utility
MetaStock Developers Kit (For MS)
MetaStock Diff-neu indi Add-On
MetaStock Dynamic Trading Tools Add-On
MetaStock Market sys Add-On
MetaStock MSST Add-On
MetaStock SPK Cleanup v1
MetaStock Strategies
MetaStock Systems Tester Collection
MetaStock Systems Tester Collection(2)
Metastock Time-ind Add-On
MetaStock TORA Trade
MetaStock TradeSystems - Nirvana (4 disk)
MetaStock Trading Systems Vol 1 2 3 4
MetaStock Vol & Preis Add-On
MetaTool v2.1
Misc System (For MS)
ML Downloader for Metastock v3.36
MS Delete Utility
MurphyMorris - Chart Pattern Recognition (For MS)
Overseer - Metastock Data Editing Utility
Performance Systems Plus (For MS)
Profit Testing Systems (For MS)
Quote List (For MS)
Rainbow (For MS)
Sistema Conteo Elliot para Metastock (Manual)
TestToMS v1.21
Walter Bressert Indicator (For MS)
Wilson's Balance trent point (For MS)

Systems for MetaStock:
# of STD's of Volume
%Bands & %BandsCount (2 formulas)
%Bands & %BandsCount v.2 (2 formulas)
%Bands I
%Bands II
%f Oscillator
01_MFI/R2/Regress Slope/TSF - Short
01_R2/Regress Slope/MFI/TSF - (Vol Rqd)
02_R2/Regress Slope/CMO - All Signal Formulas
02_ROC/TSF/ADXR/LinRegSlope Short
03_ MT & S/C - Short
03_R2/Regress Slope/Qstick - (OHLC Rqd)
04_R2/Regress Slope/CCI/TSF
07_Three Moving Average System by Jim Greening
08_Momentum Time & S/C
2 - Month's High & Today's Range ....
2/20-Day EMA Breakout System by David Landry
21 Day Trigger (2 formulas)
25x25 Bond Trading System by Charles LeBeau and Terence Tan
4% Rule by Martin Zwei
52 Week Hi-Lo Exploratio
7 Day Rate of Change
Absolute Breadth Index by Norman G. Fosback
Accumulation / Distribution (2 formulas)
Accumulation or Disribution?
Adaptive RSI by Perry Kaufman
Adaptive Trends and Oscillators by John Ehlers (2 formulas)
Adjustable Trading Bands
Advance / Decline Divergence Oscillator
Advance / Decline Line - Adaptative -> %A - %D
Advance / Decline Line - Adaptative -> [%A/%U] - [%D/%U]
Advance / Decline Line - New by Daniel E. Downing
Advance / Decline Line with Negative Volume
ADX - Above
ADX & Linie Kierunkowe by Grzegorz Urazinski
ADX / ADXR Custom (Without Rounding) (2 formulas)
ADX Rising Expoloration (2 formulas)
ADX with Stochastic Signals
Alligator Indicators by Bill William's (3 formulas)
Almost Zero Lag Moving Average
Alpha and Beta (2 formulas)
AMA Binary Wave
Anchored Momentum (4 formulas)
Anchored Moving Average by Rakesh Sahgal
Another LRS-ROC Indicator
Anti Trigger by L. B. Raschke
ANTI Trigger Trading System by Linda Bradford Raschke
ARMS (Open) Index
Arms Ease of Movement
Aroon Indicators by Tushar Chande
Aroon Oscillator
AT3 by Steve Burns
ATR Bands by Gordon Gustafson
ATR Custom Indicator (3 formulas)
ATR Exit 1
ATR Exit 2
ATR Modified
ATR Ratio
ATR Ratio to Close
ATR Trailing Stop Loss I
Automatic Metastock Trendline Formula
Automatic Support and Resistance by MelWidner
Automatic Support and Resistance Trading System by Mel Widner
Average - Modified Method by Perry J. Kaufman
Average Dollar Price Volatility Exploration
Average Dollar Price Volatility Indicator
Average of Multiple Moving Averages
Average Volume
Balance Of Power (BOP) by Igor Livshin
Base Channel
Base Channel System
BellRinger's StochRSI 14 by John A. Yurko
Better Bollinger Bands by Dennis McNicholl
Bianchi Approach
Binary Wave System Test
BinaryWave All Composite Wave (5 formulas)
BODY Momentum by Perry Kaufman
Bollinger Band / Flexible Parameter by Andreas Grau
Bollinger Band by John Bollinger (3 formulas)
Bollinger Band Histogram by Steve Karnish
Bollinger Band Histogram Trading System by Steve Karnish
Bollinger Band Hook Up and Hook Down byJim Barone
Bollinger Band Width by Alberto Torchio (2 formulas)
Bollinger Band's & 13 Day Moving Average by Piotr Wasowski
Bollinger Bands Oscillator - CCT
Bollinger Bands Oscillator I
Bollinger Bands Oscillator II by Alberto Torchio
Bollinger Bands Oscillator III
Boomers Buy & Sell
Bottom Reversal
BPDL Trend Filter Oscillator by Stephen Zodkov (2 formulas)
Brad CCI
Brady Breakout
Breadth Advance Decline Indicator
Breadth Thrust by Martin Zweig
Breakout Range2 by Mark Vakkur
Breakout Range2 by Mark Vakkur
Buff Averages by Buff Dormeier
Bull Fear and Bear Fear Expert by Walter Downs
Bull Fear/Bear Fear with DX System
Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Buy and Hold Indicator
Buy Trigger Trading System by Glenn Wallace
Cahen Ind. (For MS)
Calibrated Summation Index
CandlCode & ICS by Viktor Likhovidov (2 formulas)
CandleCode II & Candle Strength Index by Viktor Likhovidov (2
CCI Fibonacci Peak Exploration
CCI Moving Average Crossover System
CCI Spike Trading System
Chaikin Money Flow Indicator by Marc Chaikin
Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin Volume Accumulation
Chandelier Exit
Chandelier Exit - Improved
Chandelier Exit 2
Chandelier Exit Variation
Chandelier Exit Variation II
Chande's Momentum Oscillator
Chande's Momentum Oscillator Composite Average
Chande's Momentum Oscillator Volatility
Chande's QStick
Chande's R2 Indicator (2 formulas)
Chande's Target Price
Chande's Trendscore
Chande's Vidya - Other Version
Chande's Vidya 21,5 Indicator
Chande's Vidya using the P variable I
Chande's Vidya using the P variable II
Chande's Vidya with Volatility Bands
Changing Ways Accumulation / Distribution
Chaos Fractal (simple version +1=Up, -1=Dn)
Choppiness Index
Close Above Median Price
Close From 3 Days Ago
Close Relation To High Low
Close Within a % Band of the MA
Closing Above 60 Day Highs
CMO Filtered
Coding Candlesticks (II) by Viktor Likhovidov
Coding Example
Combining Statistical & Pattern Analysis, Shark - 32
Combining Trend and Oscillator Signals System by Jeremy G. Kon
Commodity Channel Index Buy & Sell Signal
Comparative Relative Strength
Confidence %
Congestion Index & Consolidation Breakout (2 formulas)
Coppock Curve - CCT
Coppock Curve - LT Momentum
Coppock Curve - Signal Formulas
Coppock Curve by Edwin Sedgwick Coppock
Coppock Indicator
Corr Vol / Close
Countback Line
Crude Oil Seasonal Trade #2 by John Momsen
Cumulative Volume (Variation) Indicator
Custom A / D Oscillator
Cycle Formula
Cycle Indicator by Bill Irwin
Cyclical System by Jeffrey Owen Katz
Cyclical System by Jeffrey Owen Katz
DAHL Oscillator
DAHL Variations (4 formulas)
Daily Close vs. High and Low Close
Dave's NewSystem (DNS) by David R. Evans
DeMark's Indicator and REI Indicator (2 formulas)
DeMark's Projected Range
DeMark's Range Expansion Index
DeMark's Sequential(tm) Trading System
Dennis Tilley's Support Line
Detrended Price Oscillator
DevStop by Cynthia Kase (2 formulas)
Diffusion Index by Donald L. Cassidy
Directional Movement Index
Directional Movement Index Exploration
Directional Trend Index
Disparity Index by Steve Nison
Displace Indicator Forward
Displaced Moving Average Trading System
Divergence Between Close and an Indicator (MACD & RSI) (2 form
Donchain Channels
Double Key by Mike Arnoldi
Double Stochastics Expert
Double Tops and Double Bottoms by Thomas Bulkowski
Downtrend Signal
DS_EMA_X_MP by Rakesh Sahgal
DualOscillator (+1 buy, -1 sell)
Dunnigan Trend
Dunnigan Trend
Durmmond's PLdot
Dynamic Break-out System (DBS) by George Pruitt
Dynamic Momentum Oscillator (Dynamo) by E. Marshall (2 formula
Dynamic Moving Vertical Lines
Dynamic Moving Vertical Lines
Dynamic Multiple Time Frames (6 formulas)
Dynamic Zone Williams%R Exploration
Dynamic Zone Williams%R Indicator
Dynamic Zones by Zamansky & Stendahl
Ease of Movement by Bill Williams
ECO - Ergodic Candlestick Oscillator
Efficiency Ratio by Perry Kaufman
Ehlers Filters by John Ehlers (2 formulas)
Elder's Force Index + Bull & Bear Power
Elder's SIROC
Elliott Oscillator
Elliott Wave Identification
End Point Moving Average by Patrick E. Lafferty
End Points of a Linear Regression Line
Entry Condition
Entry Price by Jon DeBry
Envelope - Koperta
eVWMA by Christian Fries
Excel Confidence %
Exit a Long Position
Exit on Close
Experimental Williams Trading System
Fib Levels by Rakesh Sahgal (2 formulas)
FibAccordion - CCT
FibboGatto by Jerry Gatto (2 formulas)
FibCMO Indicator by Steve Karnish
Fibonacci Ratios and Momentum by Thom Hartle
Fibonacci Trader - Dynamic Multiple Time Frame (5 formulas)
Fidelity Select Chemical Fund
Final Plot
Forecast Oscillator System Alternative
Forecast Oscillator Trading System by Steve Karnish
Fractal Efficiency %
Fractal Up and Fractal Down Expert by Manoj P. Abraham
Front Weighted 36 Day Moving Average
GANN - HiLo Crossover
GANN - HiLo Exploration
GANN - HiVisual & LoVisual (3 formulas)
GANN - Swing Hi Low Activator
GANN (5 formulas)
GANN Swing Expert
GAP Days
GAP Identification
GAP Study - Microsoft by Jon DeBry (3 formulas)
Gap System's (3 systems)
GAP Trading
Gap Up System With Delayed Exit
Genesis of a Simple Futures Exploration
Genesis of a Simple Futures Trading System by Jay Kaeppel
Gil Raff MarketSpace Timing System (2 systems)
Gopalakrishnan Range Index (GAPO)
GRII by Eddie Kwong (4 formulas)
Guppy Multiple Moving Average Exploration
Haeslers ATR by Martin Haesler
Half a line is fine Trendline System
Haurlan Index by P. N. Haurlan
HHRWI by Pierre Orphelin
High - Low
High Low Wave' Daily
High Volume
High-Low Range on RT Charts
Hilbert Squelch Indicator by John Ehlers
Hilbert Squelch Indicator Expert by John Ehlers
Historical Volatility Daily
Historical Volatility Daily (3 formulas)
Historical Volatility System by Connors and Raschke
How to Filter out Dead Stocks
Ichimoku Charts by Ken Muranaka
IFT - Intelligent Futures Trading by Chick Goslin
IFT - Intelligent Futures Trading Exploration by Chick Goslin
IFT - Intelligent Futures Trading Exploration by Chick Goslin
Inertia by Donald Dorsey (2 formulas)
Instantaneous Trendline & Sinewave Indicator by John Ehlers (2
Insync Index by Norm North
Investor Preference Index by Cyril V. Smith Jr.
J2L by Jean-Louis Lepreux
J2L Trading System by Jean-Louis Lepreux
Jack Landis Formula's (7 formulas)
Jeff Cooper's Exploration's (4 Exploration's)
Jim's Uptrender
JKL by Jaroslaw Kilon
JKL by Jaroslaw Kilon (3 formulas)
John Hunt's Exploration
John Kosar by Adam Hefner
Kaleidoscope - CCT
Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average I (2 formulas)
Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average II
Kaufman's Effectivity
Kaufman's Effectivity Mode
Kaufman's Moving Average
Keltner Bands - ATR
Keltner Channel's by Chester W. Keltner
Ken Roberts' Formula's (4 formulas)
Kendall Indicator by Eric Kendall
Key Reversals Expert by Massimiliano Scorpio
Key Reversals Explorer by Massimiliano Scorpio
Key Reversals System by Massimiliano Scorpio
KST Formula's by Martin Pring (8 formulas)
Kurtosis Indicator
Largest Negative Change in Close
Last Trough of MMA Convergence
LateStart 3 EMA
Linear Regression
Linear Regression (14)
Linear Regression Channel
Linear Regression Line Motion #1
Linear Regression Line Motion #2
Linear Regression Line Motion #3
Linear Regression Slope
Linear Regression System by Jeff Ledermann
LinRegOscillator - CCT
Lone Ranger
Long Binary Wave
Long Binary Wave II
LSS Oscillator and Pivot Point (4 formulas)
MACD - Custom
MACD - DEMA Smoothed
MACD - Future / Dr. Trieber
MACD - General Purpose MACD Indicator (2 formulas)
MACD - Histogram - CCT
MACD - Histogram + Weekly Hist. for Daily Data by A. Elder (2
MACD - Modified - Time Series Forecast
MACD - TEMA Smoothed
MACD - Tops and Bottoms by Robert Jackson (2 formulas)
MACD Additions
MACD Crossover System Test by David Evans
MACD of Relative Strength (2 formulas)
MACDhistogram Trading System by Marek Lewandowski
Market Facilitation Index by Gary Hoover
Market Facilitation Index Expert by Thom Hartle
Market Facilitation Index Expert by Thom Hartle
Market Pressure - Ultimate
Market Thrust Oscillator by Tushar Chande (3 formulas)
MARZAK by Marcin Zak
Mass Index by Donald Dorsey
Matter of Ticks
Maximum Profit System I
Maximum Profit System II
McClellan Oscillator by Sherman and Marian McClellan
McClellan Summation Index by Sherman and Marian McClellan
McGinley Dynamic
Median Price
Mesa Adaptive Moving Averages (MAMA & FAMA) by John Ehlers (2
MetaStock System Test 01 - R2, S/C, MFI (Vol. Required)
MetaStock System Test 02 - Tema Binary Wave Composite, QStick
MetaStock System Test 03 - Tema PDI - MDI, ADX (Vol Required)
MetaStock System Test 04 - Tema PV Binary Wave, StochRSI_21 (2
MetaStock System Test 05 - Tema StochRSI_13 & 55
Miesal Indicator
Miesal Indicator System Test
Modified Moving Average I by Joe Sharp (4 formulas)
Modified Moving Average II by Joe Sharp
Modified VIX Indicator by S. Jack Karczewski
Momentum Index
Momentum Trend Change Indicator
Money Flow - One Day by Marcel Knechtle
Money Flow Index
Morris Double Momentum Oscillator
Morris RSI w / Volume
Moving Average - Normalized by Brian Bell (4 formulas)
Moving Average - Only One Day of a the Week
Moving Average - Oscillator - CCT
Moving Average - Ribbon
Moving Average - Tillson Twicing
Moving Average - Variable
Moving Average Group's by Daryl Guppy
Moving Average of Relative Strength System
Moving Averages with Resistance and Support by Dennis Tilley (
Moving Linear Regression Line
Multi - Vote OBV
Multiple Time Frame by Robert Krausz (6 formulas)
Mutated,Variables ... by Walter T. Downs, Ph.D.
Mutated,Variables ... by Walter T. Downs, Ph.D.
Natenberg's Volatility by Sheldon Natenberg (2 formulas)
NBARS by Marcin Zak
Negative Volume Indicator
No Name 1 by Svein Andersen
Nonlinear Ehlers Filters by John Ehlers (2 Formulas)
Normalizing Indicators by Brian Bell (4 Formulas)
O! Inercja i jej srednia by Kamil Jaros
O.B.V.Good Exampleof if() Function
Offset RSI & MACD (2 formulas)
On Balance True Range by Thomas A. Bierovic (5 formulas)
Onno's Binary Wave Indicator
Onno's Binary Wave System Test
Oscillating OBV
Overbuy /Oversell
Overreaction Index
Pathfinder Trading System by Nelson Freeburg
Peak Oscillator by Cynthia Kase
Percent Above / Below Moving Average
Persistence of Money Flow
Pivot Price Indictor
PLdot H-L Price's by Przemyslaw Neyder
PLdot MP Price's by Przemyslaw Neyder
Plotting Forward Days
Point of Balance Oscillator and Moving Averages by Walter Down
Point of Balance Trading System by Walter Downs (2 Systems)
Polarized Fractal Efficiency by Hans Hannula
Positive Volume Indicator
Price Action INdicator (PAIN) by Michael B. Geraty
Price Oscillator Wave
Price Volume Rank by Anthony J. Macek
Price Volume Trend Stochastic
Pring's Daily KST Buy
Projection Bandwidth by Mel Widner (2 formulas)
Projection Oscillator by Mel Widner
Przeciecie Srednich by Jaroslaw Kilon
Psychological Index
Psychological Index
Rainbow Charts (5 formulas)
Random Walk Index by E. Michael Poulos
Random Walk Index II (2 formulas)
Rate of Change Since a Specific Date by John Slauson
Recursive Moving Trend Average & TOSC Oscillator (3 formulas)
Recursive Moving Trend Average by Dennis Meyers
Regression Oscillator & Slope/Close Indic. by Richard Goedde (
Relative Momentum Index (RMI)
Relative Performance Charting by Phil Doyle
Relative Strenght Index (RSI) Custom II
Relative Strength Index (RSI) Custom I
Relative Strength Index (RSI) Custom III
Relative Strength Index (RSI) Denvelope
Relative Strength Index (RSI) Full Formula
Relative Vigor Index (RVI) by John Ehlers
Relative Volatility Index (RVI) by Donald Dorsey
Relative Volatility Index II
ROC Moving Average System Test
RSI / Wstega Bollinger'a by Piotr Wasowski
RSI Divergence
RSI Divergence Trading System
RSI Starting In the Middle of Chart by Dave Nadeau
RSImoood p502
RsiSto Oscillator
Ruggerio's Trend
Rule of 7 Oscillator
RVI w / Simple Moving Average
Semi-Intelligent Oscillator - CCT
SeqSETUP & SeqINTERSECTION (3 formulas)
Shifted TSMA Indicator
Short Volume Wave
Simple Fut WIG 20 System by Pawel Rejczak
Simple Moving Average with Res. and Support by Dennis L. Tille
Sine Wave
Sine Weighted Moving Average by Patrick E.Lafferty
Single 60 Day Period BreakOut Signal Indicator
Slope of a Line (3 formulas)
Slope of a Linear Regression Line (2 formulas)
Slope/ Close Indicator
SMI (13.25.2)
Smoothed Adapative Stochastic Oscillator
Smoothed DMI Index (20 Period MA) (#028a)
Smoothed Moving Average
Smoothed Stochastic Expert
Smoothed Tick Momemtum Line - TASC
Smoothing Techniques (ILRS, T3) by Tim Tillson (2 formulas)
Special TRIX by Eddie Kwong
Squat Bar Variable Example by Bill Williams
Standard Deviation Bands by Gordon Gustafson
Standard Error Bands by Jon Anderson (5 formulas)
STARC - SToller Average Range Channels
STIX Indicator
STIX Oscillator
Stochastic - Brann by Steve Brann
Stochastic - Example of hhv() Function
Stochastic %D
Stochastic and RSI System
Stochastic Cross Trading System
Stochastic MA System
Stochastic Momentum - Plex
Stochastic Momentum (0 - 100)
Stochastic Momentum Indicator by William Blau
Stochastic Oscillator - Custom I
Stochastic Oscillator - Custom II
Stochastic PVT Indicators
Stochastic Relative Strength Index (2 formulas)
Stochastic RSI - Customisable by Nicholas Kormanik
Stochastic RSI - Tema Smoothed
Stochastic RSI - Various Options
Stochastic Smoothed by Mark Peterman
Stochastic Wave Long & Short (2 formulas)
StochPVT Indicator
StochRSI 'Alert' Levels by Steve Karnish (6 formulas)
StochRSI Oscillator by Craig DeHaan
Stock Rhythm System by Jeffrey Owen Katz
Stop Loss Indicator by Eric Kendall
StTO Oscillator by Adam Hefner
Summation Noise Indicator by Adam White
Support and Resistance
Support and Resistance Levels
Swing Chart
Swing Trading Expert
System Test Examples (3 formuly)
Tar(SZ)an (2 formulas)
Tema PDI - MDI
Tema PDI - MDI by Jim Greening
Tema PV Binary Wave
Tema PV Binary Wave System
Tether Line Trading System by Bryan Strain
Three Day Engulfingbear Short Trade
Threshold Trading Revisited - RSI by Rudy Teseo
Threshold Trading Revisited - Stochastic by Rudy Teseo
Thrust Oscilator
Tick Line Momentum Oscillator by Daniel E. Downing
Tight and Narrow Range High & Low
Time Segmented Volume
Time Series Forecast System Test
Trading Channel Index
Trading Day of the Month
Trading the Trend I
Trading the Trend II (TTT) by Andrew Abraham
Trailing Stop by Andrzej Herman
Trailing Stop II
Trailing Stop Loss Indicator by Adam Hefner
Trailing Stop Loss Indicator III by Adam Hefner
Trailing Stop Volatility Based
Trend Analysis Index by Adam White
Trend Analysis Index System by Adam White
Trend Continuation Factor by M.H. Pee
Trend Detection Index by M. H. Pee
Trending Bandini
Trendline Formula
Triple MA I
Triple MA I Exploration
TRIX - Timeseries by Joe Luisi
True Range & High-Low Range on Real Time Hourly Charts (3 form
True Range Formula
True Range Moving Average
True Strength Index (TSI) and TSI Moving Average
TSF Optimised Trading System
Ultimate Oscillator by Larry Williams
Ultimate Signal Generator I & II (2 formuly)
Up & Down 20% on Double Average Volume
Up / Down Volume
Upside Downside Ratio
Uptrend / Downtrend Signals
VIC 10 Day's Cumulative A/D Oscillator by Vic Sperandeo
VIC 5 Day's Price Disparity Oscillator by Vic Sperandeo
VIC 7 Step's Oscillator by Vic Sperandeo
Vidya UpTo64 by Jan Willem Roberts
Vidya with Volatility Bands by Lyn Maine
Volatility % Indicator by William Brower
Volatility as Percent
Volatility Bands As A Long Term Strategy by Ahmet Tezel (2 Sys
Volatility Breakout System - Returns Profit
Volatility Channel by Larry Williams
Volatility Difference
Volatility Exits
Volatility Index System by J. Welles Wilder Jr.
Volatility Stop II
Volatility Trade In Gold (3 formulas)
Volume - % Above / Below 10 day Moving Average
Volume - Advance / Decline in 2 Colors
Volume Accumulation Percentage
Volume Based Exploration
Volume Float Indicator I
Volume Oscillator System w/Optm
Volume-Weighted Average Price by George Reyna
Wallie's 20% Stop Loss Indicator
Weekly High Low Wave
Weekly Momentum for Daily Chart
Weekly Oscillator Segment
Weekly Patterns
Weekly Pivot Point
Weekly Stochastic on Daily Chart (2 formulas)
Wilder's ATR by Welles Wilder
Wilder's Volatility by Welles Wilder
William's %R Modified by Rajat K. Bose
William's %R Similar by Rajat K. Bose
William's Accumulation / Distribution
William's Sentiment Index
WillSpread by Larry Williams
WinMidas - Ammended Code by Rakesh Sahgal
WinMidas - Support and Resistance Levels
Year to Date Gain/Loss (Percent)
Zero Lag EMA by Peter Martin
Zero Lag EMA Exploration
Zero Lag MACD + Trigger Signal by Peter Martin
ZigZag - Custom
ZigZag - Symmetry
Znormalizowany Wspolczynnik Zmiennosci by Marek Lewandowsk
Adaptick ICE v2.01 for Metastock
AIQ Option Expert v7.2
AIQ TradingExpert Pro v7.2
ASCTrend v3.51 + Manual (new crack)
Biocomp Profit 2004 7 Build 217
Candlestick Samurai Forecaster v2.1.4
Deepinsight v9.6 RT
Dynamite Sentimentor v4.06 + Manual
eASCTrend v6.059 + Manual + Video Tutorial + New Crack
Elliott Wave Analizer v4.04
Investor's Dream v1.982 EOD and RT + Manual
Jurik Tradestation System
Metastock - Stock Market FREE Quote Download
Metastock - Walter Bressert indicator add-on
Metastock Plugin - Advanced GET EOD 8.0
Metastock Plugin - Alphomega Elliot Waves 5
Metastock Plugin - Cyclical Oscillator System
Metastock Plugin - DecisionTools
Metastock Plugin - Dynamic Pivot
Metastock Plugin - Niksan'S Ms Formula
Metastock Plugin - Options Investigator v5.0
Metastock Plugin - Scalping
NeuralWorks Predict v3.0 + Manual
Neuro-Hit! v1.0
Neuroshell Daytrader v4.5 Professional + Add-Ons
NeuroSolutions v4.32 Developer Edition - NeuroDimension
OwnData 2
Professional Trade Advisor v4.1
Puls 1.57 for Omega Prosuite 2000i
Thirteen Mechanical Trading for TS
Visual Trader v4.42
Advanced Get - How to search for interesting stocks
Advanced GET Practical Applications Of A Mechanical Trading System Using Simplified Elliott Wave Analysis
Applying Technical Analysis With Advanced Get
Bigalow, Stephen W - Big Profit Patterns Using Candlestick Signals and Gaps
Brad L. Matheny - The Power and Finesse of Japanese Candlestick Charting
Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation (Wiley)
Candlestick Charting Explained - Greg Morris
Candlesticks - Swing Trading Using Candlestick charting with Pivot Point
Expert Trading Tips for asctrend
Forex Trading With Candlestick And Pattern
Getting Things Done - Advanced Workflow Diagram
How Any Stock Trader Can Find the Stock Market Trend Using Candlestick Analysis
MCGraw-Hill Osborne Candlestick Charting Explained
Primer in Candlestick (Hill, 2003)
Product Guide For Jurik And Tradestation
Professional Stock Trading - Conway, Mark R.
Samurai Candlestick Manual
Strategy Trading - By Tradestation Technologies
Tom Joseph's Book - Practical Applications of a Mechanical Trading System - PracApp
Tradingmarkets - Trading Strategies - A Realistic And Effective Strategy For Using Candlestick
Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis
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