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sb wrote the following post on 10/12/2008 12:59:36 PM

What are the reasons to choose Ruby on Rails over other programming languages?

As a matter of fact Ruby language was created much earlier than even PHP, but it was used for the most part in Japan. The situation remained like this until Rails came in, owing to David Heinemeier Hansson. Combined Ruby language and Rails framework, or simply Ruby on Rails, have become a powerful and highly effective tool in developing web applications, used by programmers all around the globe. Moreover, Ruby has a great future as it's quite possible that in a few years other even better frameworks designed for it will appear.

Of course one couldn't claim that Ruby is the best programming language ever and is a solution to everything. There are people who criticize it telling that it's slower that other programming languages already available. It all depends on the purposes and the skills of the programmers. Apart from objective advantages and disadvantages there are also preferences.

The major advantages of Ruby on Rails:
* Ruby has a simple syntax, close to the natural language

* Ruby code is easy to read and understand, as well as to maintain

* It is best suited for beginner programmers as the language is much easier than PHP or Java for example

* It is a fully object oriented programming language

* Ruby on Rails is open source. This means that it can be used for free, easily improved and modified

However, in order to be unbiased, let us specify some negative sides or it's better to say some imperfections of Ruby on Rails:
* Since Ruby and Rails framework are still relatively new to the programming world, it would be better to refrain from building large scale business-critical applications on it. There is still no general backup plan in case your servers crash

* For the moment Ruby is truly slower than PHP or Java. This could also result in the necessity of adding more resources to your system than in the case of other wide spread programming languages

As far as you can see, there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages on why to choose Ruby. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to surpass Ruby's major virtue. This language has turned programming from a complicated time-consuming process into a simple and quick task. Ruby on Rails - a programming language truly worth mastering.

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