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mastert1 wrote the following post on 6/27/2008 4:32:33 AM

Master's Tools Trading Collection 07/2008

Visit us:

AbleTrend 7.0 Deluxe (Build Dec 2007) (AbleSys_EOD, AbleFeed,AbleRT,eSignal)
Advanced Get • Advanced GET 9.1 EOD Dashboard Edition
• Advanced Get 7.8 EOD Build 420
• Advanced Get 1.3 RT Build 320 for eSignal
• Advanced Get 1.3 RT Build 300 for TS200
AIQ Data Transfer Utility Pro v2.13
AIQ MarketExpert v2.10
AIQ Option Expert 7.3
AIQ Trading Expert Pro 7.3
Alyuda ForecasterXL
Alyuda NeuroIntelligence 2.1
Alyuda Tradecision Pro RT 4.3
AmiBroker Pro
ATS-3200 Trading System
ATS-6400 Trading System
Best Choice Software 4.1.3
BioComp • BioComp Downloader
• BioComp iModel v1.0
• BioComp – MicroPredictor
• BioComp - NeuroGenetic Optimizer Pro
• BioComp - Penney Excel for NGO
• Biocomp Profit 7 Build 217 (Elite)
Bull's Eye Broker
CandlePower 6
Candlestick Forecaster 2000 FULL
cpFinder 5.03
Cycle Trends 3.0.5
Data Bull 2.28
DeepInsight V9.5 RT PRO
Delta Graphics Directors Intraday & Forex 3.39
Dynamic Trader EOD EOD with Market Matrix Cycles
Delta Turning Points for AdGet
Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6
DynaStore for QuoteSpeed ver 5
Dynastore for TAL V5
DynaStore Pro 2.0.1
Elwave 7.1
Ensign Mulitfeed 02-2008
eSignal plugins
· ART System for eSignal + Manuals
· KwikPop indicators 6.1 for eSignal
· MTPredictor Extensions v27 for Esignal
· Roy Kelly FloorTraderTools 8.2 for eSignal open code
· NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for TS & Esignal
· Wave Trader 2004 for Esignal (
· WaveTracker 6.36 Pro for Esignal
Essex Futures Pro v3.0
Essex Options Pro v4.0
Elliot Wave Analyzer 4.004
Fibonacci Trader & Galactic Trader 4.0 Build 81
FibNodes RT
Gannalyst Professional
HC 2 xpo
HQuotePro 6.45
Indigo Investment Software 2001
Investment Wizard Professional 1.08
Investors Dream 1.98.3
InvestorRT 8.6 Multifeed DTN-IQfeed, eSignal, Quote &IB +manuals
Jurik - (for Excel)
Market Delta for eSignal 8.6.1
Market Trader Platinum Build 18
Market System Analyzer v3.0.3.1
MB Risk Management 10( )
MetaServer RT 2.0 Pro (Dde version)
Metastock • Metastock 10 EOD
• MetaStock 9.1 End Of Day
• Metastock 9.0 Pro for eSignal
• Metastock 8.0 Pro for Qcharts
• MetaStock Pro 8.0 RT for BMI, eSignal
• Metastock Password Breaker for MS 8
• Meatstock Training CD
Abalone for MS
Adaptick Powerstrike
Adaptick Ice 2
Adaptive Trading Solutions (for MS)
AlphOmega ElliottWaves 5.5 for MS 9
AlphOmega ElliotWaves 5.0 for MS 8
Bollinger Bands
Bolinger Band System 2.0 (MS)
Brain Trading for MS
Equis - Support & Resistance (For MS)
ERSA - Relative Strength Analyser (For MS)
ETS Trading System for MS
Hilbert Cycle TASC for MS
HPO Indicator for MS
Fractal Finance for Ms
Fractal Finance 2 (MS)
I-Master for MS
Investors Dream Indicators for Metastock
Metastock Performance systems plus
Metastock SpyGlass 2.01 Plugin
Murrey Math for Metastock
Nisons candlesticks unleashed for MS
Pattern Recognition Plug-In for Metastock
PowerPivot Plus for Metastock
Rainbow (For MS)
The Fractals Edge System for MS
ToraTrade (For MS)
Trade Oracle for Metastock
TradeSim 2.2.1
Triangles 1 and 2 for Metastock
Walter Bressert Indicator 7.0 (For MS)
MTPredictor 5 EOD
MTPredictor RT v41 & v45 for TS8, eSignal, NinjaTrader
MultiCharts 3.1 ALL Adons Enabled
NeoTicker 4.2 multifeed
NeuroHit! 1.0 (Retails $18,000)
NeuroShell • Neuroshell Trader Pro 5
• Neuroshell Classifier 2.0
• Neuroshell Classifier 2.0
• NeuroShell Trader Add ons
Cluster Indicators for NeuroShell
Fuzzy Pattern Recognizer for NeuroShell
Neuroshell DataXchange API
Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Net Indicators
Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Turboprop2
Neuroshell Daytrader Advanced Indicator Set 1
Neuroshell Daytrader DataXchange API
Neuroshell Daytrader Neural Indicators
NeuroSolutions v4.32
NinjaTrader MultiBroker 6.0.1000.3 • MTPredictor RT v27 for NinjaTrader
Omega Prosuite – Tradestation • Tradestation 8.2) + OwnData2.5
• Omega Prosuite 2000i Platinum
• Indicators & Plugins
• ELA. ELS, ELD password cracker
• Prosuite2000 DevKit
Aberration Plus
Abraham System and Indicator for TS
Adaptive Indicators 2.0 for TradeStation 2000
Amcan Systens & Indicators for TS8.1 open code
Amcan Trader Pro for TS (+code password)
Andromeda II Trading System - Open Code
ART Charting Software for TS8 open code
AS S&P Bear & Raptor System - Open Code
ASCTrend 3.03 TS2k 2008
ASCTrend 3.51 TS8x 2008
ASCtrend 3.5 for TS NO DLL -permanent crack -version open code
Atlas-35 System for TS
ATS-3200 for TS - open code
AXIOM INDEX Open Code + manual
AztecTrade System for TS
Basis II System for TS - Open Code
Bicycle System for TS
Brain Trading System 7.0 open code
BuySellorGetOut Open code
BWT Day Trader ES 2007
BWT Precision Indicators
BWT Trend indicators (open code)
BWT Zones ES 3.0 (Open Source)
Cable 24 - Open Code
Catscan I & II for TS
Checkmate System for TS - Open Code
Clayburg - Belly Trader System
Clayburg - Cyclone for TS - Open Code
Clayburg - Feeder Trader System
Clayburg - Real Time Target Indicators TS– open code
Clayburg - Systems & Indicators for TS + Manual– open code
Clayburg - Universal 8.3a fxfut
Cobalt ND DayTrading System
Commando C-3 trading system
Commando Confirmation Indicators for TS
Commando II Trading System (for TS)
Commando Position Trader Commodity
Commando Moneyline Indicators for TS
Daniel Ferrera T&P Balance System for TS
Dave Landry Swing Trading (for TS)
Daybreaker - open code
DecisionBar Indicators 2.3 for TS
Delphi Universal II
Dennis Meyers Indicators
Dennis Meyers Short Term Indicators v2 andLong Term v4 and 5
Dennis RSI Trading System
DiNapoli Indicators
Divergence Engine for TS (
Divergence Indicator Set for TS8
Dollar Trader 4.8 for TS8 & Manuals
Drummond indicator
Dynamic Gann Lines (auto) for TS2000i
Early Bird III Trading System for TS2000i- Open Code
Elder Market Thermometer for TS
Entry Point 2004 - Open Code
EntryPoint 2000i
EpicDynaTrend2000 for TS2000
ETS Trading System By Michael Mermer
Euro Metrics & Pound Metrics Systems (
Eurotrader - open code
Focal Point 2002 for TS
GearShift Trading System – Open Code
Golden SX Trading System for TS2000i
HawkEye Toolkit for TS8 (
Helix forTS2k-TS7 - Open Code
Helix Trading System for TS 7
Hit and Run I & II (for TS)
Hologram GBP_USD System for TS8
HPO Indicator for TS
I – Master
I - Mark for TS
Impetus Trading System for TS 2000i - Open Code
Indicia Technologies Forex Systems - Open Code
Indicia Scalper system - open code
Indigo Ela (MSX) for TS2000i
Indigo Walk Forward Trading Strategies (WFX)
Investors Dream Indicators for TS2000
Jan Arps - Adam Price reflection bars indicator for TS
Jan Arps - Crown Jewel Package - Open Code
Jan Arps - Danton ShockWave Tool Kit for TS
Jan Arps - Jackson Zones
Jan Arps - Price Mgnets Indicator - Open Code
Jan Arps - ProScan S&P Scalping System for TS
Jan Arps - Steve Woods Cumulative Volume - Float Indicators Open Code
Jan Arps - Swing-Day Trader’s Tool Kit for TS
Jan Arps - TT6 Alpha Centauri for TS Open Code
Jan Arps - Universal Swing Analysis Indicator Open Code
Jan Van Arps TS Indicators
Jeff Cooper 5-day momentum indicator
JFC v1.03 - Jan's Fuzzy System
Jim Sloman - Ocean Plus Indicator Package for TS
Joe Krut's 12 Ultimate Systems (For TS)
Joe Kruts Dealer Choice Pro
Joe Krutsinger - English Channel System open code
Joe Krutsinger FIB Catcher - Open Code
Joe Krutsinger - Low Ranger for TS
Joe Krutsinger - Parrot Trading System open code
Joe Krutsinger - Quarterpounder Trading Systems for TS Open code
Joe Krutsinger - SAFER 2005 Trading System - Open Code
Joe Krutsinger - Swing Star for TS
Joe Krutsinger - Time Any for TS
Joe Krutsinger - Time Charger System - Open Code
Joe Krutsinger Systems
·Joe Krutsinger - One Trade 2002 for TS
·Joe Krutsinger - Position Point for TS
·Joe Krutsinger - Prince 2002 for TS
·Joe Krutsinger - Queen for TS
·Joe Krutsinger - Ranger for TS
·Joe Krutsinger - Traders Delight for TS
·Joe Krutsinger - Traders Dream for TS
·Joe Krutsinger - Trio for TS
Joe Krutsinger - $36,000 worth of Trading Systems
Jurik Tools for TS8 TS2k-Latest
Jurik Tools - open code
Jurik TPO for TS2000
KC Channel Method
KC Collction
KwikPop 6.1 for TS
KwikPop for TS2000i
LongTerm Trading Systems
· Anomaly 1
· Anomaly 2
· Ready-Set-Go
· Wave Rider
Magic Dots Trading System (Open Code)
Market Profile Indicator for TS 2000i
MESA 2000
Mesa-Sierra Hotel for TS
Mike Barna - The Big Blue Trading System
MiniMax 2 for TS
MTPredictor RT v41 & v45 for TS8, eSignal, NinjaTrader
Mystery System - Open Code
NATT 2000 (for TS 2000)
NetPicks Universal Market Trader for TS
Neural Scope - open code
Nexgen T-3 ABC Plot Trends Indicator - Open Code
NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader for TS & Esignal
Ocean Package by Jim Sloman for TS-Open Code +Manual
Ocean Plus Indicator Package for TS
Octane for TS
OmniCom v5.17 (For TS2000i)
Opening Trade System for Russell
OptimaxL3 1.2.5
Pegasus System for TS
Pretty Good Oscilator for TS
Prime-Line Professional Trading Modules 2 & 3
R Levels System for TS
R&W MasterSuite FOREX Trading Systems - Open Code
Raptor II for TS open code
R-Breaker System (For TS)
RC Chance+
RC Conservative 2 for TS open code
RC DayTrader Level 7 Trading System
RC Dream open code
RC Miracles 2 ++F Trading System - Open Code
RC Success 2 ++F Trading System - Open Code
R-Mesa 5 Trading System - Open Code
Roy Kelly Cycle identifier FILTERED
Roy Kelly Floor trader tools 7.1
Roy Kelly Floor trader 8.2 open code
Roy Kelly Trend Pro 8.2 open code
Ruggerio Indicators (For TS2000i)
Ruggerio Global Varariables Professional Edition For TS
Ruggiero Stock Traders Toolbox (for TS)
Samurai 35 system fo TS open
Scalper Pivot 3.5 open code
Sirtrade 2000 for ts 2000i
Sirtrade 2004 for TS8 + Manual
Smart Etrades (Full)
SP_Levels (Full)
Spectrum System for TS - Open Code
Success System (For TS)
Sunny Harris-DynamicMovingAverage (SDMA) for TS
Sunny Harris - DMA Histogram Indicator for TS
Sunny Harris - PHW (Potential Hourly Wage) for TS
Superb Stocks for TS2000
Synergy System for TS - Open Code
Tango for TS
TD_Scalper (For TS2000i, TS, Excel)
THE GRAIL GGO with CASB 1.594 (
THE GRAIL Walk Forward Optimzer 1.440
The Ultra Edge Strategy
Trade Cycles v2.0 for TS2K
Traders International S&P 500 Trading System
Trading Alchemy Iindicators Open-Code for TS2k TS8
Trading Magic System for TS Open Code
Trend Reflection system for TS
Trend XP System for TS - Open Code
TrendChannel Pro (for TS) - Open Code
Trilogy for Tradestation - Open Code
Tsunami Trader WaveRider 7 for TS
TS Research - ALL Tools (
TS-plugin colection for Ts4 and Ts2000i
·%C-DT #1 & #2 (For TS)
·%C DT System (For TS4)
·Aberration System (For TS)
·ASC Trend Pro Dlx 2.0 (For TS4)
·ASC Trend 2.0 (For TS)
·AS S&P Raptor System (For TS)
·AS S&P Bear System (For TS)
·Bail3 For Daily System (For TS)
·Bill Williams Indicators (For TS)
·Bottom Fishing (For TS)
·BOS BSE LS Mkt System (For TS)
·Bob Buran Systems (For TS)
·Bullseye Indicators & Paintbars (For TS)
·Catscan (For TS)
·Channel (For TS)
·Charles Le Beau - Sward
·Charles Le Beau - Strategic Swiss Franc (For TS)
·Charles Le Beau - Roughneck CO Trading System
·Charles Le Beau - PRUDENT S&P Trading System
·Charles Le Beau - MACK Trading System + Manual
·Charles Le Beau - Crossbow (For TS)
·Charles Le Beau - CROSSBOW
·Charles Le Beau - Big Dipper Bond Trading
·Charles Le Beau - 25 x 25 Bond System + Manual
·Cherry Picker (For TS)
·COA Ctg (For TS)
·Confluence Indicator (For TS)
·Cycle-Finder (For TS)
·CycleTrader 5 (For TS)
·CycleTrader 5 (For TS)
·Dale Legan' Indicators (For TS)
·Dale Legan's Confluence function for TS
·David Wright's Spoon (For TS)
·Day Care System (For TS)
·DBS Trading System (for TS)
·DMark Key System (For TS)
·DualThrust (For TS)
·ELA_Breaker & OR_Patch & OR_Edit32
·Equity Curve Ind (For TS)
·Gary Smith Systems (For TS)
·Greg Morris (For TS)
·Gunslinger (For TS)
·HitandRun (for TS)
·Insight (For TS)
·Jan Arps Swing Box (For TS)
·Joe Krut's 12 Ultimate Systems (For TS)
·Jurik - (For TS4 (Block 7925))
·Kase (For TS)
·Linda Raschke - LBR Edge (For TS)
·Linear Regression With Calc (For TS)
·Mangeeze Program (For TS)
·Market Analytics - Exhaustion Bars (For TS)
·Market Analytics - Fractal Toolkit (For TS)
·Market Analytics - Ma_Predict (For TS)
·Market Analytics - Momentum Toolkit (For TS)
·Market Annihilator System (For TS)
·Market Reactivity System by Al Gietzen (For TS)
·Ninja Turtle (For TS)
·Perry Kaufmann (For TS)
·PI Trading System (For TS)
·Pinpoint Systems (For TS)
·Plad System (For TS)
·PlayWave Addon (For TS4)
·Profitability-Test 2.0 (For TS)
·ProSuite Indicator Pkg by Trade Concepts
·PSG Sys #1 Intraday (For TS)
·RangeBrk (For TS)
·R-Breaker System (For TS)
·Reactivity Indicator by Dave DeLuca (For TS)
·Recurrence IV System (For TS)
·Remarkable S & P Trading System v1.3 (For TS)
·R-Mesa (For TS)
·rpbBestCorrelation Indicator (For TS)
·Ruggerio (For TS)
·Simplicity System (For TS)
·SirTrade Cycle (For TS)
·SirTsd98(For TS)
·Stafford SP Day Trading System (For TS)
·Stenberg Brothers AST Indicators (For TS)
·Street Smart (For TS)
·Swing Activator System (For TS)
·Swing Trader (For TS)
·The Mom144 Day Trading System & Lit (For TS)
·Tim Tillson's T3 Average (For TS)
·Times Series Forecast Indicator (For TS)
·TimTillson'sT3 Average(For TS)
·Todd Mitchell indicators (For TS)
·TomDemark (For TS)
·Trend Rider (For TS)
·Trend StdDev (For TS)
·Trend Trader (For TS)
·TSCI - TrendWatch (For TS)
·Variation B of Dynamic Breakout System (For TS)
·Walter Bressert Indicators
·Walter Bressert's - The Cycle Trading
·Whisper System (For TS)
·William Tell Coffee (Black Box Version (For TS))
·Wisdom Of The Ages (For TS)
·WonderBars (For TS)
·WWLink for TS & SC
Turtle System for TS
Unfilled Opening Gaps for TS
Walter Bressert Stochastic Indicators for TS
Walter Bressert's Double Top Double Botton
Walter Bressert's Gap Trade
Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader 7.0 for TS
Zone Trading System
Omnitrader 2008 Real Time (All Plugins & Systems Enabled) • Nirvana ARM 3 R4 for Omnitrader ( latest )
• ARM3R4Update
• Nirvana CPS 2.0 for Oomnitrader
• NSP31 + NSP31_NN_V2
• Chart Pattern Recognition Module2 for Omnitrader
• GroupTrader for Omnitrader
• Nirvana Darvas Box for Omnitrader
• Nirvana Guppy Multiple Moving Average Package (GMMA) for Omnitrader
• Nirvana iTLB 2.0 for Omnitrader
• Nirvana Pring KST Package for Omitrader
• Nirvana Volume Systems for Omnitrader
OptionVue 5 Pro 1.84
Palisade The Decision Tools Suite 4.5.3 Industrial
OwnData 2.6
Patten Forecaster 2.1f
Patternsmasher 2.08 + lessons + patternbots
Profesional Trade Advisor 5
Refined Elliott Trader v1.8
Rina Systems • Rina - DynamicZone Indicator
• Rina - Money Manager 7
• Rina - Portfolio Evaluator 7
• Rina - Portfolio Tracker 2000
• Rina - Portfolio Stream 6.0 incl. Optilogix module
• Rina - Systems manual
• Rina - Systems Word Document Guide
• Rina - Systems Optilogix
• Rina - Systems Performance Suite 2000 (Money Manager,Portfolio Evaluator,3D Smart View)
Safir XP 1 + SirTrade 2000
Safir XS 1.7 + SirTrade 2004
Tenfore Satelite QuoteSpeed Server 5.2
Tess Trading Software 2005
Tradecision Pro RT 4.3
Tradeguider 2.5.3 RT for Esignal
TradeGuider RT & EOD
TraderXL Pro v5.7.15
Trading Recipies 4.09
TradingSolutions 4.0
Trading Blox Builder 2.2.8
Vantange Point 7.15 ( All Modules )
Visual Trader
Volume Spread Analysis 7.82 RT
WealthLab Developer • Wealth-Lab Developer v4.3.36
• NeuroLab 3.04
• Index-Lab 3.01
• MC-Lab 3.02
Wave59 2.13 RT

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